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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)

1. No story line whatsoever. No talking; no narrating.

2. Words, numbers, stick figures, etc. may be allowed only when they are used for aesthetic purposes (for cool-looking effects... or secret messages) --but not to create a story.

3. Have some sort of balance. In other words, don't do most of your animating in a tiny square. It can symmetrical but doesn't have to be . Also, make sure to use multiple frames when appropriate.

4. Additions must flow smoothly with previous entries. This is part of the challenge.

5. Save as open source and tag the video "The Abstract Challenge"

6. Don't edit previous entries, change the frame-rate (20 ms per frame), etc.

7. Be original. :) The more creative, the better.

Only ANSI blocks and shades now...
tag list: the abstract challenge
07.01.2012 23:42
by  sepehrnoor

This could have been done better, but it's good. I like it :)
08.01.2012 10:44
by  Gameinsky

This reminds me of NES age transition.
08.01.2012 12:16
by  AweAndWonder

Looks cool!  Like the blue!
09.01.2012 19:32
by  x1111

Me gusta.
10.01.2012 13:18
by  Ascimator

That comment reminded me of some fun fact:

How do Spanish people see Russian FFFUUU- Me Gusta comics:
 *blah*    | *blah*
 *bleh*    | I like it
10.01.2012 19:34
by  Zeus guy

I don't get it
11.01.2012 12:53
by  Gameinsky

Me Gusta means "I like" in Spanish.
11.01.2012 14:35
by  AweAndWonder

LOL  Zeus guy would know because he's Spanish.
11.01.2012 16:26
by  AweAndWonder

I think he just didn't get the joke.  I think AsCI was sayin' that since "me
gusta" is just a normal term in Spanish, that they would overlook the meme and not really
"like" 75% of the comics.  If that's what he meant... yeah, I just over-explained a
joke I barely understand. lol
11.01.2012 23:12
by  CTDS3

Whoa- suddenly a new conversation starst!
12.01.2012 14:24
by  Zeus guy

Oh, yeah, now I get it
13.01.2012 18:53
by  sepehrnoor

Actually, Spanish facebook says "Me gusta" instead of "Like" :))
13.01.2012 18:57
by  Zeus guy

I already knew it ¬¬
13.01.2012 20:49
by  CTDS3

Holdon- AsCi???
01.04.2012 16:28
by  AweAndWonder

Oh wait.  I totally got the joke wrong.  I'm so dumb.  The joke was that most Spanish people
don't know Russian, so when they read Russian rage comics, they only understand the part that
says "Me Gusta".
17.04.2012 19:55
by  AweAndWonder

Error on frame 570.  I just noticed it.  I'll fix it on my next contribution.

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