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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
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24.12.2011 18:09
by  kelleroid

This is just eyerape.

Stop using too fast framerates for too fast character moving.
24.12.2011 19:36
by  CTDS3

But awe said 20 ms per frame! This is 20 ms frame! What could be wrong?
25.12.2011 11:52
by  AweAndWonder

Look at the forum.

Well, the idea of 20 ms per frame was to make it smooth, but the face at the end should have had
multiple frames.

There's a lot of empty white space; there's no balance.  So, all your ASCIImating is in
the corner, and there's a huge white square in the lower right hand corner where you do
nothing.  Which is partially why I intended the size of the ASCIImation to be much smaller.

Also, it's not open source.  It's intended to play out like ASCIImator's battle,
where people take turns. Actually, about the white space, I really meant, there's no balance.

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