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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
This is the feature i mentioned i'm adding a week ago.
tag list: asciimator
23.10.2011 11:27
by  asiekierka

chinese earthquake incoming

23.10.2011 11:31
by  brutto

Luke! I am your father...
23.10.2011 12:58
by  sepehrnoor

Oh my god, this is goddamn awesome!
My roflcopter goes soi soi soi
(too bad this voice can't say soi like microsoft sam)
Well, let's check this out!
23.10.2011 13:00
by  sepehrnoor

I have noticed that different people have different voice pitches! Is it adjustable, or is it
random/relative to your status ?
23.10.2011 13:01
by  asiekierka

It's related to your nickname. I miiiiight make it adjustable one day.

Also thanks! Brutto loves it too - he's the one who gave me everything i needed to patch it in!
23.10.2011 13:02
by  sepehrnoor

Sorry for the triple comment, but is the "hey, listen!" tooltip a reference to Legend of
Zelda navi's ?
23.10.2011 13:02
by  asiekierka

23.10.2011 13:03
by  sepehrnoor

I feel like a nerd now.
23.10.2011 13:03
by  asiekierka

Yes, you do. aeiou!
23.10.2011 13:05
by  sepehrnoor

aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou aeiou!
"this" "quotation" "marks" "are" "slowing"
"the" "text" "to" "speech" "down"
23.10.2011 13:06
by  asiekierka

"yes" "i" "know"

"that's" "pretty" "cool" "isn't" "it?"
23.10.2011 13:13
by  asiekierka

(let's) (see) (parenthesis)

( http://espeak.64pixels.org to test it out )
23.10.2011 13:20
by  sepehrnoor

So, using javascript variables, you input the comment text in input, and probably turn the username
into numbers (probably using ascii codes) to input in the pitch. Right ?
23.10.2011 13:25
by  asiekierka

Yes! View Source and look for readComment.
23.10.2011 13:30
by  sepehrnoor

Hey asie, how old are you ?!
23.10.2011 13:31
by  asiekierka

I'm 14, almost 15.
23.10.2011 13:31
by  sepehrnoor

And oh, that's one smart trick, to use a php text-to-speech for sending variables.
23.10.2011 13:32
by  sepehrnoor

Wow, you're exact same age as me!
23.10.2011 13:32
by  asiekierka

yes, that php text-to-speech then runs a command-line app which outputs a wav to stdout.

the php then patches the wav as the app sucks.
23.10.2011 18:29
by  Gameinsky

OMG, and I missed all the fun D:

I told you bro, I told you about ASCIImator.
23.10.2011 18:30
by  Gameinsky

haha, epic, I have a british accent XD
23.10.2011 18:48
by  TehSeven

My pitch sounds EXACTLY like me irl. That's EPIC!

Biririrbiririri aeiou 9uigg iuiuiuiuiuiui
23.10.2011 18:58
by  sepehrnoor

I think 64pixels.org is down...
23.10.2011 19:20
by  TehSeven

"Y" "M" "C Ei" It's fun to stay at the "Y"
"C ei ) ei"

24.10.2011 03:57
by  AweAndWonder

24.10.2011 16:49
by  Gameinsky

btw, your license still says you're 10, might want to change that.
24.10.2011 22:50
by  CTDS3

asie, make the pitch adjustable
25.10.2011 14:17
by  asiekierka

Cubix, when we move to 64pixels.org, da?
25.10.2011 15:46
by  sepehrnoor

Wait a minute asie, are you trying to tell me that 64pixels.org is yours ?
25.10.2011 16:36
by  asiekierka

Yes. Everything on it is in some way mine.

And I pay for the VPS. $40/month dammit
25.10.2011 20:08
by  sepehrnoor

I always use free webhosting. ALWAYS.
And a friend of mine shared his with me. It's down now.
The company nagged too much about all the databases and servers we hosted on it, so we just
cancelled the subscription.
25.10.2011 20:11
by  sepehrnoor

Oh, and the provider was called Bluehost.
They promised us unlimited traffic, storage, databases etc.
Then the bleeding bastards pulled that crap off.
26.10.2011 06:34
by  AweAndWonder

I use byethost.com  They're a pretty awesome free host; have been using them for at least a
year now and they haven't given any trouble yet!  No ads at all.  Not completely unlimited
storage/transfer, but just about!  Only downside is that they don't provide free email
addresses anymore (oh and you have to log in once a month), but there are tons of email providers.
26.10.2011 06:39
by  AweAndWonder

Oh, and they provide free subdomains from several domains.  And if you use a co.nr (it's
another site) redirect, you can make the domain look even shorter.

I had to do a lot of searching to find that host.  Needless to say it's hard to find a good
free host (too bad geocities was taken down -- before I even got to use it).
26.10.2011 23:16
by  CTDS3

what's 64pixels.org?
27.10.2011 04:40
by  asiekierka

Cubix: my personal site

I pay $40/month for SOMETHING, btw. A VPS - essentially it's a computer i pay for and can do
literally anything on it.

60GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 1TB bandwidth... man, it's awesome.

Also I got an ETA for the server move: about 2-3 weeks (Brutto has a life)
27.10.2011 08:25
by  sepehrnoor

Wow, should be fun running a VPS. You can do anything to it :)
22.01.2012 15:38
by  CTDS3

1 more question:
When will we move?

P.S. The voice feature doesn't work. I always crash.
22.01.2012 15:54
by  Zeus guy

Yeah, It's broken :'(
So, someone fix this (and the avatar thing)
03.12.2015 22:55
by  CTDSThree

speekr is now not crashing meh
is now jus not doin nothin
plz fix diz
i wana her wat diss crasey test bein red allod by a txet-two-speach voyse
30.06.2016 19:43
by  CTDSThree


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