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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
I made an abduction, & just kept adding whatever came immediately to mind. Very.... weird.
done over a few days during the time when I had nothing better to do. :p
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07.10.2011 12:15
by  sepehrnoor

So good and smooth, with good storyline, and hey! Nobody has made a complete ASCIImation with
spaceships lately!
I would give you a karma point if I were a mod.
07.10.2011 14:33
by  Gameinsky

You have greatly improved, hower, I won't give you a karma point yet, I find this ASCIImation
WAY too slow. try 100 ms/frame
07.10.2011 20:18
by  AweAndWonder

Yeah it's a bit slow, but very smooth.  A little faster and it's perfect.  :)

Count on it.  :)  This weekend.
07.10.2011 21:44
by  sepehrnoor

Okie-dokie, I'm looking forward to it ;)
09.10.2011 07:36
by  AweAndWonder

Unfortunately, all the time I would have spent ASCIImating went to trying to clean/fix my keyboard
which decided to break down today.  :(  Stupid keyboard still doesn't work.  Better bet on next
weekend.  :(
11.10.2011 03:43
by  13lake

I increased the speed to 100 ms per frame as suggested. You were right. Much better!
11.10.2011 18:00
by  Gameinsky

great, you're going to be a great ASCIImator in just a matter of time!

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