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A butterfly!
tag list: stupid itwontwork
30.06.2011 13:14
by  Zeus guy

But it's not a butterfly! 0_o
30.06.2011 13:18
by  CTDS3

i tried but it glitched me and made that
30.06.2011 13:24
by  AweAndWonder

That's funny.  When I was new, the same thing happened to me!
What browser are you using?
30.06.2011 13:31
by  CTDS3

pro asciimator on plane i tried 3.0 but it wouldnt load it just went pqdbdqpbdqpdbqpdbqpqdb and im
using mozilla firefox
30.06.2011 13:32
by  CTDS3

i used pro on this and plane in the other
30.06.2011 13:52
by  AweAndWonder

Yeah, I was using Firefox, and I had all sorts of troubles for some reason.  Try Chrome or IE. 
Preferably chrome.
30.06.2011 14:11
by  Gameinsky

IE is better for making ASCII's for the thing with the cursor reset to the right thing...
06.07.2011 16:47
by  CTDS3

It turns out I can make them with MF, but I need Pro. It also turns out I thought I saw the Pro mode
on 3.0.

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