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I know that your head is a O, AsCiMaToR, forgot D:
I put abou 25 references in it! try to find them!
(unsure if I will make a third)
tag list: awesome
In favorites of: Ascimator Zeus guy
17.06.2011 19:47
by  gecko.jsc

Wow, love the part with the ball. :D
17.06.2011 23:15
by  AweAndWonder

18.06.2011 09:51
by  Allyally

18.06.2011 15:58
by  Gameinsky

BUMP! (small bump then)
I want karaboz to see this!
18.06.2011 16:58
by  Zeus guy

It's awesome
18.06.2011 17:31
by  sepehrnoor

I love it I love it I love it.
A big <3 for you, Olivier.
And the references I found:
1. Me using asie's head as jetpack
2. The "You need these glasses"
3. That asciizoo spider/tarantula thingy.
4. Daft Punk ftw :3
5. oops
That "do me" part really had me in tears (from laughing) xD
And who the hell was mämmi ?
18.06.2011 17:40
by  Gameinsky

Mämmi is a finnish recept, look it up.

Other references:
Animator wanted - Demented cartoon movie
Flobbler gobbler
I'm all powerful - quote from ASCIImator world refresh
the fact that mämmi looks like poo - inspired by humon
Minigun ratfink - Zeus guy randomness
Memory eraser - Men in Black
Balloon - Don hertzfeld
Scizzor sister - I can't decide lyrics
1 damage part - Inspired by a reallife story a friend told me
Eye thing - Inspired by a game made by the maker of the pandora console, or whatever it is...
1 + 1 = syntax error - a joke my math teacher told
Spambot - Mix of Pokemon and Earthbound battle system, spamrelated events lately o this site
Look out for that cactussssssss - joke
ssssssssssssssssssBOOM! - creeper (minecraft)
Minecraft ripoff - The most said sentence by people that watched terraria-related videos

that's it.
18.06.2011 18:15
by  sepehrnoor

21.06.2011 07:04
by  Ascimator

You, sir, just won another Internet.
BTW, this IS a Minecraft ripoff.
30.06.2011 17:59
by  Gameinsky

I had the idea for another one, I just read the history of 4chan...
07.08.2011 14:49
by  Gameinsky

btw, the part with the ball was a test, it turned out well :)

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