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Well, to help you imagine me: I have scruffy, fluffy pitch black hair, I'm kinda tan (although I'm pale at winter), I got a kinda big nose (remember Ponky's character ? :P) and I'm really nerdy.
tag list: asciiportrait
14.06.2011 15:11
by  sepehrnoor

Ctrl+minus, people.
Also, at the last level of ctrl+minues, this ASCII looks awkwardly stretched (at least in google
And by the way, I live in Sweden, but I'm Persian (not like the Persians from 300, though :P).
14.06.2011 15:14
by  sepehrnoor

I forgot one detail: I got thick eyebrows and I wear glasses, normally (although I take them off
when photographing, to look less nerdy)
14.06.2011 15:23
by  AweAndWonder

Me, I have brown wavy hair, brown eyes, and I'm from the US.  Part middle-eastern, part
european, though I look more middle-eastern-ish.
lol, I got glasses too, but I take em off as well.
I would imagine most people on this site would be nerdy.

You know maybe I'll ASCII-ize myself sometime.  It would be pretty cool to take consecutive
photos, then turn them to ASCII, then turn them into an ASCIImation.  Almost like a video!
14.06.2011 15:29
by  AweAndWonder

Cool how we have different people from all over the world.
Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, US, Poland, Australia...
14.06.2011 15:30
by  sepehrnoor

Hahaha, nice idea. We should take mine, yours, Ponky's (Ponky does have one of these) and
anyone else we find's ASCIIportrait and make a slideshow =D
14.06.2011 15:31
by  sepehrnoor

And do we have some people from Australia and Poland too ?
14.06.2011 15:40
by  AweAndWonder

Cool!  An ASCII-slideshow could be the next site project!

Yep, Flup is from Australia and asiekierka is from Poland.  Oh, and OrigamiGuyIsEpic is from the
United Kingdom.
15.06.2011 16:50
by  kelleroid

You got a fro AND wear glasses?

Do there exist disco glasses that have actual lenses to help your vision?

I'm stereotypical.
20.06.2011 07:28
by  sepehrnoor

Well, if they existed (I think they do, but haven't seen one), I would hang out IRL instead of
hanging out here xD

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