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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Fu goes booom!!! What does that mean? Well you'll have to find out.
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14.06.2011 07:27
by  AweAndWonder

It would be pretty good except for the fact it's going to slow.
To change the speed, go to the top of ASCIImator and change the number of ms/frame.
29.06.2011 10:21
by  daflame

it has to go slow otherwise u cant read it. ( and i know how to change the speed
29.06.2011 12:31
by  Gameinsky

There's a thing called repeat frames, under every box there's an X, next to it a box where
you can write how many times it must repeat.
08.07.2011 05:27
by  daflame

I tried that but this was the result.
08.07.2011 10:37
by  AweAndWonder

Well, the idea is to make the overall speed fast (like 50 ms/frame), and then repeat the frames with
words (try 30) so that part appears slow.  After practicing a few times, you'll get the hang of
08.07.2011 13:26
by  Gameinsky

actually, 40 is better on speed 50.
09.07.2011 10:20
by  AweAndWonder

Yeah, 40 is probably safer, 30 is probably pushing it.  If you increase/decrease the amount of words
in a frame be sure to increase/decrease how much you repeat it accordingly.
11.10.2011 07:59
by  daflame


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