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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Feel free to use the player if it's too fast... or slow... whatever.
I should have some more time to ASCIImate now... maybe.
UPDATE: Fixed some grammatical/spelling errors... maybe... sort of... :)
tag list: secret message subliminal messages
11.05.2011 11:24
by  Gameinsky

Wiow, crappy french alert!
google translate = bad!
this is what you wrote literally translated:
Hello, me thinks you are an idiot.
(je pense QUE tu est un idiot)

Thank you, a lot.
I breath to be bite

then at d) I see the live-words

then you wrote: You will give us all your money.
and you will be our slave.

After this exam, kill your family. and kill all the people in your school (école is spelt like

Say-you, yes my master.

I don't want to translate the rest...
11.05.2011 11:26
by  Gameinsky

also, I have no wife and I don't go to france this year.

and to not look unfriendly, I rated it a 5
11.05.2011 15:29
by  AweAndWonder

Hey, it's hard to learn another language late in life!  And I didn't use google

I just forgot the que and I forgot that it's morts-vivants.  I meant to write
"espére" not "espire" lol.  Yeah, I made quite a few more ignorant
mistakes and confusion stuff...  Can't stand accents, though -- I have an English keyboard.

Oh, and on number 2, I did the translation wrong on purpose.  >:)

And the part about you going to France with your wife was actually written in the real test.  :P 
Ah, well, maybe a different Olivier.  lol

Thanks for pointing out the mistakes.  :)  It's the only way to learn.  I fixed some of it. 
Anymore errors?
11.05.2011 19:46
by  Gameinsky

Ok, the first phrase is right, then it should be:
J'espère que tu sera mort
(I hope you will die)

and later: après cet examin vous tuerez vore famille

b) oui, c'est une bonne idée
11.05.2011 20:43
by  kelleroid

One question:

11.05.2011 23:30
by  AweAndWonder

Thanks Olivier!  Fixed 'em.

I was just trying to make fucking sure this shit wouldn't offend someone.  Damn.
12.05.2011 16:58
by  kelleroid

There's noone to offend here with this.

Guests can't comment anyway.
12.05.2011 18:21
by  Gameinsky

damn, examen, noty examin >_<
French is hard!
13.05.2011 10:12
by  AweAndWonder

Just because guests can't comment, doesn't mean they can't be offended.
But true, who cares about guests anyway...

That's okay, I caught that.  We all make spelling errors sometimes.
lol  Isn't French your native language?  How could you say French is hard?
13.05.2011 10:13
by  CrazyHoboIsADumbass

I'm offended!
13.05.2011 14:27
by  Dragonphase

I forgot who CH was made by. Cfive?
13.05.2011 14:36
by  Gameinsky

French is my native language, but it can cause serious confusions, but I just haven't paid a
lot attention to french spelling.
13.05.2011 15:03
by  AweAndWonder

lol I dunno.  But cfive publicly announced CH's password.  ;)  I wanted to see how you'd
guys react.

Oh, okay.  I guess being bilingual comes with its burdens.  Anyway, most engrish is typicaly
13.05.2011 15:08
by  Gameinsky

crazyhobo was a test account of DDGC, the password was one of the top 10 most used password (qwerty)
13.05.2011 15:32
by  AweAndWonder

Really?  Why'd DDGC write all those things on it?
Yeah, and I logged on it and wrote that comment.  :)
13.05.2011 16:46
by  Gameinsky

also, DBOY, come back ! i've been trying to tell you what ddgc stands for for an eternity!
15.05.2011 16:01
by  Dragonphase

I know it's his name, daniel. I dont know the rest though. I'm not back, but i'll
moderate as much as I can
15.05.2011 16:09
by  Gameinsky

DDGC stands for DanielDabu@hotmail.com
come abck to this ASCIImation!
19.05.2011 16:21
by  sepehrnoor

What does the GC part stand for ?
19.05.2011 17:30
by  Gameinsky

Oh, sorry, it's Gmail.Com, not hotmail.
01.08.2011 20:29
by  CTDS3

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