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We used to have a couple of these collaboration projects back in 2007-8. Everybody is encouraged to add on with their characters and interact! I'm really looking forward to meeting the new people here (and seeing some of the guys from before). Let's see where it goes!

Framerate reduced from 100 to 50 ms/fr.


==== your comments ====

That's a bunker. It was built to protect the ASCIImator from the guests and from spam. Apparently, the first architect to make an ASCII bunker was the famous Rae Drawhn. Since then, the plans quickly copypasted throughout all the ASCIImator.

The empty area of the bunker seen under the sign is the Welcome Plain, formerly a tiny part of the ASCIImator battle ground, which was cut off and moved here. It's famous of its abilities to regenerate itself.

My character, Ы-man, has a nasty habit of glitching many things that don't support Cyrillic (Ы is a Cyrillic letter). So usually other stickmen call him WRONGCHAR-man.
The other one is Olivier.

AsCiMaToR, my char, can teleport with sudden blue flash (capable of worldkilling someone), prays on Portal series and sometimes goes SPARTA!!!. Has some kind of head hairspikes, able to regenerate them, formerly ripped out and threw at someone.
tag list: collab:reunion
04.05.2011 13:59
by  Ascimator

Also, for the last year I became quite lazy with ASCIImating by myself, mostly lurking. All these
04.05.2011 14:09
by  Gameinsky

I'll introduce me and ratfink, also Rae :P
kelleroid should introduce himself and bombtestfailguy.
04.05.2011 14:20
by  sepehrnoor

I'll go after olivier.
04.05.2011 15:07
by  AweAndWonder

:)  I'd like to be in this too!  But I can't ASCIImate till Friday.
04.05.2011 15:13
by  MyO

Marvelous, AsCi! =)

By the way, how would you all rate the part 2?
04.05.2011 18:00
by  Anachronism

Nice to meet all of you!

By the way, AsCiMaToR, is that pizoo in the title animation you made?
05.05.2011 12:20
by  Ascimator

Title? You mean that "AsCiMaToR film presents" thing?
05.05.2011 16:49
by  Anachronism

No, I mean the website's banner
05.05.2011 18:31
by  Ascimator

The one on the top? Yeah, there was one.

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