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Inspired by XXXXXXX by RicheyRich
Cross your eyes or zone them out to see it. Trippy, huh? This took about 20 minutes.

Yeah. Kind of difficult to see. But these kinds of optical illusions are usually pretty difficult. Still, I think it's kind of cool-looking.

I'm afraid my other ASCIImations I'm working on are taking a bit more time than I anticipated... because they're so long! It's true that quality ASCIImations take a lot of time.
tag list: contest:asciimator logo optical illusion seizure
18.04.2011 12:35
by  kelleroid

Dammit, my eyes are resting and then I see this.

Will check out later.
18.04.2011 17:47
by  AweAndWonder

lol  Don't watch this too long or your eyes will stay crossed.
Maybe I should put an epilepsy warning here too.  :)
30.06.2011 14:17
by  sepehrnoor

Sorry, I ctrl+minus'd.
30.06.2011 14:19
by  AweAndWonder


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