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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
We should verify the guest pricings.
Normal guest: 50 <-- little higher
Zombie guest: 55 <-- little higher
Car: 100 <-- stays same
Truck: 200 <-- stays same
Device: 150 <-- device is a bit higher now

From level 10 after each level divisible by 5: bonuslevel .
(I thought of balloon pop(pop downcoming balloons for money))
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04.08.2010 09:29
by  Ascimator

Another problem with scrolling, so I couldn`t add the money for the killed hunter.
04.08.2010 10:03
by  kelleroid

I didn't get what happened, and how olivier rescued me.
04.08.2010 17:18
by  Ascimator

That was a Hunter zombie. From L4D. Olivier shot him with the pistol.
BTW, where was you?! Don`t become a second Bionicbeetle. Please.
05.08.2010 07:16
by  kelleroid

I'm not leaving because of insults, unlike. I am more resistant to such things.
I just have more interesting things to do while I have got my fast unlimited internets.

I still didn't get what happened in the ascii. It was way too fast, and you drew the hunter a
little strange way.
And I still cannot think of a stickman using a pistol like this:

 | |
05.08.2010 09:02
by  Ascimator

I forgot to remove \ which was a part of the shot flash or something.
07.08.2010 09:27
by  Ascimator

olivier? kelleroid? Are you gonna continue?
07.08.2010 11:04
by  Gameinsky

You didn't even update the money, the kills... etc.
07.08.2010 11:27
by  Ascimator

Read the first comment. I COULD NOT. THERE WAS A BUG!
11.08.2010 17:04
by  Credit


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