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A group of asciimators are in a room, and something happens, and we all get killed off one by one! Each episode has 10 parts. The first part introduces what happens, and during all the other parts, they all get killed off one by one. By the last part of that episode, everyone must be dead!

There are some rules:

Everyone gets killed by accident. For example, Ponky would not be allowed to kill Cfive on purpose, but Cfive could accidentally get hit by a falling boulder.

No one wins. By the last part of the episode, EVERYONE (yes, that means YOU) must be dead.
tag list: %asciimators survival
01.08.2010 16:04
by  TehSeven

Awesome idea, gecko/ascii
01.08.2010 16:19
by  TehSeven

Oh, it's geckos idea only
01.08.2010 18:04
by  Ascimator

I did say that already. I. Am. Not. Ascii. I am AsCi.
02.08.2010 17:28
by  TehSeven

Soz... Didn't no..
04.08.2010 08:44
by  Ascimator

Someone to continue?

comment by  guest:
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