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2 guys fight
( this was done by Aaron(he is'nt a member), not me, this was what gave me the idea for all the other sward fights
tag list: fighting sword
17.06.2006 13:02
by  karaboz

(but without author it's doomed to be fogotten)
authorize!! ize ze
19.06.2006 11:52
by  guest

so Aaron, you finally publish it eh
20.06.2006 10:54
by  karaboz

no, Aaron didn't publish it for some reasons... I dont know
why because this asciimation rules! so I decided to publish
it by myself (as admin)

And who is this mystic Aaron? As I recognized he created
sequel of sword fightings. Why didn't he authorize them?
I'd prefer to find these beautiful asciimations in some
years among the great ammount of others... So...

please, let Aaron know that it will be very good to create
his personal account on asciimator.net. Then I could attach
his asciimations to this account...
28.07.2006 00:54
by  Anachronism

really frickin nice.

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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