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The moment you've ALL been waiting for!
Rules the same as in others, the new rules are in the animation Number 12.
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21.07.2010 06:14
by  Ascimator

THIS is last!
21.07.2010 06:17
by  Gameinsky

Oh, I see now.
Who does next ?
21.07.2010 06:36
by  Ascimator

New guys? saw? UN-DEAD? Welcome to ASCIImatorBattleTwister, a III random killing each over. To add
your part:
1. Alert everyone that you are making a part in comments of asciimation by saying "me
next", so nobody could make a part while you are making.
2. DO NOT say "me next" if you are NOT going to make a part right now.We had an incident
with the good user Bionicbeetle, who didn`t make a part for a month. It ended with Bionic left the
site forever.
3.Click on the "@" thing near the asciimation name to open it in editor.
4. Add new frames introducing you randomly killing the guy who was before you (Here he is
Olivier).Try not to repeat what already was, be original. DO NOT EDIT PREVIOUS FRAMES, DO NOT TOUCH
5. You must leave your manikin on the battlefield, or else, pretend that he is in(but not inside the
frame).Also you can leave all the garbage after your battle on the battlefield, so somebody could
use it for his own or clean it.
6. Save your asciimation as new, increased the number by 1(for example, when you continue this one,
you should save it with the name "ASCIImatorBattleTwister (40)"
21.07.2010 07:05
by  Gameinsky

Actually Bionicbeetle was making it, but he had so many activities that time he had barely time to
do it...
Yeah, only make the ext part when you feel you have time to make it.
19.04.2011 09:44
by  Gameinsky

this turns out to be the last :)
let's make it like in the first ones! with decoration, like using trees to kill eachother,
19.04.2011 19:51
by  kelleroid

Oh... oh my gawd.

Just a small update, probably the third season of rP is coming May.
20.04.2011 10:42
by  AweAndWonder

Why did BionicBeetle leave the site forever?  Was he banished from the kingdom?  Or was he just too
busy?  Either way, it's sad.  He should come back.  His ASCIImations were good.
10.05.2011 16:51
by  Gameinsky

Got fucked up, stupid TUR, I blame you TUR8
on the other hand, his asciimations took forever because he could work for 1 hour/week on them.
13.05.2011 15:04
by  AweAndWonder

Who/What is TUR?
13.05.2011 15:09
by  Gameinsky

AsCiMaToR, tur is just shorter, that's his BL username.
He was not good at levelcreating, but proved himself at ASCIImating.

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