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The first preview of ASCIIgame, WORLDS!

Each world will have it's own quest, which will reward you with an item. Collecting these items can make the game easier, or go for a challenge and play itemless.
tag list: asciigame
16.06.2010 19:27
by  Neon-J

--World Quests--

Great Grassland: Neon-J will introduce you to the game.
Fire Forest: Gecko and Pizoo have separated! Reunite them!
Text Tower: Collect materials to help fix AsCi's zeppelin.
Drenched Desert: Reunite cfive with his duck so he can fly away.
Crashed City: Help olivier take care of those pesky guests!
Harsh Hilltop: Find kelleroid an AWESOME wall to lean on.
Dry Dungeon: Prevent a CERTAIN ANIMATOR from hurting any of Ratfink's friends.
Perilous Pathway: Pick who has the better loader - Divinty Boy or Origami Guy?

Each quest will give you a reward, except World 8, where your choice will affect the game later on.
16.06.2010 19:28
by  Neon-J

Oh by the way, if anyone guesses who the CERTAIN ANIMATOR is, they get a cookie.
16.06.2010 22:25
by  Dragonphase

is it me?
16.06.2010 22:26
by  Dragonphase

^^ the author "me", not DBoy...
17.06.2010 05:08
by  kelleroid

I think it's Raes' animator.

BTW, can you use my head? The O with a tilde.
17.06.2010 14:41
by  Neon-J

kelleroid wins the cookie! :D

And what, kell? I did. >.>
17.06.2010 14:48
by  Gameinsky

Peril hilltop reminds me of the new super mario bros desert world.
17.06.2010 15:48
by  Neon-J

Peril Hilltop? You're mixing two worlds together there. It's either Harsh Hilltop or
Perilous Pathway, take your pick. :D
17.06.2010 16:36
by  kelleroid

Oh, sorry Neon, I must have used a computer without that letter.

I see it.

BTW, I ate about 12 real cookies today.

Restored 9000 health.
17.06.2010 16:38
by  kelleroid

By the way, I think you should do a some sort of a teaser trailer.

Like, showcasing the supposed gameplay of World 1.
17.06.2010 16:58
by  Neon-J

Actually, kelleroid, I just edited it then "acted" like it was always there. Looks like I
tricked you! :D

kell, that's in the plans.

Subliminal Message! :D
17.06.2010 18:02
by  Gameinsky

Perilous Pathway
17.06.2010 18:17
by  kelleroid

18.06.2010 11:50
by  Neon-J

Well, Perilous Pathway was based on NSMBWii's World 8, so I can see where you're getting
that from (As the desert world has the lava spews, too.)
08.08.2010 13:04
by  x1111

cool fade ins
07.01.2012 23:08
by  CTDS3

13 cookeys ate.

Restored over nine thousand health.

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