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Should I use gravity like that on the left or on the right in the Intelligence RPG?
Left is easier to code, but right is more realistic.

(I used one character height for two tiles high here, so ' is the high tile and . is the low one)
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20.04.2010 03:48
by  Credit

Why is the gravity on right side is realistic?
20.04.2010 12:41
by  kelleroid

Because it involves the freefall acceleration.

Would you fall at a constant speed in reality?
20.04.2010 15:10
by  Gameinsky

Some objects do.
Left isd ine for me, and if it makes you easier, g use it then :)
20.04.2010 19:33
by  kelleroid

olivier, there are NO objects that freefall without acceleration.

Know something about F=mg?
20.04.2010 19:52
by  Gameinsky

Bubbles have acceleration ? featers have acceleration ?
20.04.2010 20:28
by  Ratfink

They accelerate to a point, until air friction causes them to reach their maximum velocity.  But in
a vacuum, they would fall just like anything else.  Try going to the moon with a feather and a
bowling ball, and drop them at the same time from the same height.  They will both hit at the same
time, and they will both accelerate the same.
21.04.2010 02:25
by  Ratfink

Okay, by a flowchart I made, it doesn't look like it'll be much harder to make the more
realistic looking gravity.  It'll have to have a terminal velocity, otherwise it'll get
ridiculously fast.  I guess it'll damage you if you fall too far.
23.04.2010 15:51
by  gecko.jsc

Yes, do the right one. Jumping and falling at a constant speed looks *really* bad, even in pixelly
retro games!

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