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Episode 8: Imbalance
tag list: intelligence series
In favorites of: MyO
21.02.2010 09:49
by  Gameinsky

ice :D
I hope we can free alex soon.
21.02.2010 12:35
by  Bionicbeetle

Heh. Just so you know, my hair works with the laws of physics…

Y'know, like:
 ơ   ó   ỏ   ò
/B\  |  /8\  |
/ \  |  / \  |
 F   L   B   R      I know it's kinda alot to ask, but I
 r   e   a   i      lieks mai manehkinn >:|
 o   f   c   g
 n   t   k   h
 t           t
21.02.2010 14:49
by  Ascimator

And btw, is it true that you have no moral reasons why won`t you kill me?
But... "The friend of my friend is not my friend"...
04.03.2010 11:55
by  Neon-J

I like how you make the me in Intelligence act like the me in Real Life. I love Monty Python!
04.03.2010 17:34
by  Gameinsky

I act 4 times as dumb in the story than I really am, I'm more a mefiant person, who uses logic
as playground.
05.03.2010 12:52
by  Neon-J

No offence, but the way you act in Intelligence is the first impression you gave me.

You've improved BIG TIME since then though.

comment by  guest:
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