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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Letters starts of small the grown on any kind of way.

update: now faster.
Happy now ?

Update: added my signature to it
tag list: contest:asciimator logo
18.02.2010 19:59
by  kelleroid

Very good.
18.02.2010 22:55
by  Ratfink

Amazing!  My only suggestion: maybe make it a bit faster.
19.02.2010 01:08
by  Ratfink

I just realized: this is number 7900!  Not much longer now until 8000 ASCIImations!  Now...will 8000
be some crappy thing by a guest, or a really amazing piece of art?  Only time will tell.
19.02.2010 03:03
by  Credit

The first letters should become big faster.

I am afaid that the 8000th will be a crappy one by me. I actually wanted to design a good one 2
times but they got wiped out by asciimator error and my stupidity.
19.02.2010 09:25
by  Gameinsky

Different people comments, and only one rated and that's kelleroid ;(
19.02.2010 12:09
by  Credit

How did you know?
19.02.2010 12:39
by  kelleroid

Because I was the first one to see it.
And I posted and rated. True.

BTW...Kpedit, you should save your asciimations once in a while. Like, when you reach 200 frames or
finish a scene, SAVE! Just don't press the publish tick and you can save it for yourself! And
return to the animation later through your profile page! It's as simple as that!

This sentence has an exclamation mark in the very end!
19.02.2010 14:14
by  dominator

Nice! But, as Ratfink said, it should be faster.
19.02.2010 16:30
by  Ratfink

Only one rated?  I thought I had rated.  Odd...it doesn't seem I did.  Oh well.  5/5
20.02.2010 10:43
by  dominator

Oh, yeah, I'm happy now. ;)
26.03.2010 21:18
by  Gameinsky

Bump, for karaboz!
27.03.2010 09:46
by  Ascimator

28.03.2010 21:09
by  karaboz

Great! Added to asciimator logos rotation on the top ((=
13.04.2010 19:01
by  Gameinsky

Added my signature to it.

comment by  guest:
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