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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Episode 7: Hospitalized
tag list: intelligence series
In favorites of: MyO
15.02.2010 02:01
by  Ratfink

Though for me it's still Sunday, I see that in UTC it's monday.  So, since ASCIImator is
spread around the world, I figured UTC is what to go by, and I published it now.
15.02.2010 06:25
by  asiekierka

Wrong. The creators are Russian, so I think you should use their timezone, which is GMT+3.

Though it's monday there :D
15.02.2010 09:30
by  Gameinsky

Post it before monday please, oh and if Alex (bionicbeetle sees me)
you should make it so we are in the same team, we were friends before I discoevred asciimator >:o
15.02.2010 09:30
by  Gameinsky

oh, before monday because I can't have computer from monday till fryday
15.02.2010 12:13
by  Bionicbeetle

…You forgot my hair.
Although, I suppose it's my fault.
15.02.2010 17:02
by  Neon-J

I believe I understood the reference BB made in the comment above..

|Rat, if I get you|
|a glass of water,|
|I won't be able to
|guard you anymore."
|     ='.         |
|O__ ./!\        .|.
|""""|/ \         |
15.02.2010 21:02
by  Ratfink

@olivier Okay then, I'll try to release them on Sunday.
@Bionicbeetle Oops, sorry.  I'll fix it.

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