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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
I'm too lazy to post the whole 2 hour thing myself, but here are instructions on how to find it.
tag list: ascii ever long longest star wars
30.01.2010 18:29
by  Ratfink

Yeah yeah yeah, we all know about ASCII Star Wars.  At least, I hope we all do.  And you don't
HAVE to have Windows XP just so you know.  Any OS with telnet should work.
22.03.2011 18:16
by  AweAndWonder

Cool!  I didn't know about this!  Thanks!
20.12.2011 21:24
by  CTDS3

I know I have watched it.
22.12.2011 04:51
by  AweAndWonder

I feel like I should mention that this ultimate ASCIImation was revamped.  The whole thing is in
color now for anyone running ipv6.  Unfortunately, I'm running ipv4.  I could use sixxs.net
but... meh... I gotta know more about it first.
22.12.2011 21:38
by  Gameinsky

... and please tell me what that has to do with this ASCIImation?
Hello, this is the comment stream of an ASCIImatio, please talk about the ASCIImation, or at least
to comments on this ASCIImation.
This is not a chan.
22.12.2011 22:33
by  sepehrnoor

If you mean what Awe is talking about, then she is talking about the stuff in this ASCIImation. In
order to watch the Star Wars ASCII (using telnet) in color, you need IPv6, which you can get from
sixxs.net if you live in the USA.
Clear enough? :P

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