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Olivier and kelleroid collab, guest waves! And we have to kill them all!

new asciimation please, this one start to lag.
it got filled really fast, well. they dropped a gun and I think of a second page with more expensive tingsd like a cannon, a turret (the canon will arrive around round 5)
tag list: outland guest defence
09.01.2010 09:44
by  Ascimator

Could I continue that, or only kell/olivier can?
09.01.2010 09:50
by  Gameinsky

only kell/me can.

exept if kelleroid allows you too.(because I don't care)
09.01.2010 17:05
by  kelleroid

Guys, you better get AsciimatorBattleTwister up, while I and olivier will continue the guest
10.01.2010 09:23
by  Ascimator

Probably I was the only one red/gold who didn`t care about <whocares>ABT</whocares>.
Because I hate random battle, I hate thinking of new ways to kill, and it`s easier and much funnier
for me to work in team!
10.01.2010 12:00
by  kelleroid


Well, we could buy an upgrade for a new gunner.
And that gunner would be YOU!

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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