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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
The moment you've ALL been waiting for!
Rules the same as in others, the new rules are in the animation Number 12.
tag list:
04.01.2010 19:37
by  kelleroid

I owned you brutally and smoothly, olivier.
04.01.2010 19:44
by  kelleroid

04.01.2010 20:47
by  Gameinsky

somebody else next.
05.01.2010 10:08
by  kelleroid

I think nobody wants to.
Why not Ratfink?
Where's Asie?
What about Bionic?

We are alone.
Against alot of guests...

Similar to L4D, where 4 peoples are alone against endless zombies...HEY AN IDEA! SMALL COLLAB
05.01.2010 14:31
by  kelleroid

Anyone here?
05.01.2010 15:41
by  Gameinsky

Like my rpg thing ? looks good.

Something where we try to kill eachother ?
05.01.2010 17:17
by  kelleroid

Something where we defend against ALOT of wild Guests.
We take turns on each side of the barricade (house, jeep, building, base).
MAX 150 frames.
Speed 50 or 100.
You make the first ascii.
08.01.2010 16:45
by  Ratfink

I'll go next in this I guess.  I was away from ASCIImator for a few days because I was setting
up our new computer.  It's better than our old ones (duh)!
08.01.2010 17:01
by  kelleroid

I still pwned both of you into the head. By a right leg.
09.01.2010 13:36
by  Gameinsky

ratfink, when will you make this ?

Alex: can you make one too :D ?
09.01.2010 18:10
by  Ratfink

Pretty soon I guess.  As in...I'm starting now.
09.01.2010 18:11
by  Ratfink

Okay, maybe not NOW, but as soon as the computer without a messed up monospace font is available to
09.01.2010 18:18
by  Gameinsky

try mozilla firefox or chrome.
09.01.2010 21:17
by  Ratfink

I am using Firefox...I think it's something wrong with Fedora 12.
14.01.2010 11:50
by  Neon-J

Try Opera?

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