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The moment you've ALL been waiting for!
Rules the same as in others, the new rules are in the animation. LOLOLFAIL
tag list: asciimator battle twister
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04.01.2010 14:59
by  kelleroid

I have killed Ratfink in a painful death:

He was standing on a floating part of a house, and I shot the part. Ratfink fell down with the part,
saying "Uhoh.".
When he fell on the floor, he said to me "I'm...not...dead!". After these words I
walked to him and booted him into the head, causing him to roll forward 3 spaces.

That's the way to describe 15 seconds of this ascii. LOLPWND
04.01.2010 16:10
by  Gameinsky

Neon-J may pwn me
He didn't called for next.

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