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The Hunter is created for big areas, he excels at picking off lone wolfs, like the safehouse runners (demonstrated). His ability is pinning Survivors to the place and ripping into their chest. During this process the target Survivor is completely helpless and muse rely on his/her teammates to survive. If they don't help, the target dies, and the hunter goes to find another prey.
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29.12.2009 16:09
by  kelleroid

More info at:


Careful, the page contains an uber-freaky picture of a hunters' face close-up. It is under the
29.12.2009 21:52
by  kelleroid

No more comments?
30.12.2009 10:37
by  Gameinsky

I like the eating or whatever it is effect :D
30.12.2009 16:04
by  kelleroid

Hunter just kills you, he tears into the chest.
30.12.2009 16:25
by  Gameinsky

Well, I like that effect!

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