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to the Moon!
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19.10.2009 18:29
by  Gameinsky

I like it!
You like to blow up things, don't you ?
19.10.2009 18:58
by  kelleroid

explosions are the best effect to practise.
after blood.

Yy dont forget the [v] looped thing.
untick it.
So the animation does not repeat itself.
19.10.2009 18:59
by  Bionicbeetle

Λ <- Greek capital Letter Lambda.
Is zis ze answer to the Inverted V problem?
/Λ`- *Line removal in process*
/ \
19.10.2009 19:02
by  Gameinsky

I also know about it!,But I don't use it that much.
19.10.2009 19:05
by  kelleroid

What does Лambda have to do with effects and blood?
19.10.2009 20:06
by  Bionicbeetle

Why the Pi symbol?
By the way, I actually started typing my message about 30 mins before I posted it. I was busy.
20.10.2009 06:58
by  Ymro

Thanks everyone for the comments, but Kelleroid, it's only YMRO here!! No Yorn. XD

I like explosions... Hehe... And.. I used the Greek letters for NO-reason.. just like them. ^^D
20.10.2009 12:22
by  kelleroid

Yorn got lost D:
20.10.2009 14:54
by  Gameinsky

Lol, he needs to get on here, then the duo is completed again xD
20.10.2009 15:28
by  kelleroid

bionic that's not Pi, that's cyrillic L (Л)
the pi is this: π
get that?

PS: CharMap ftw!

PSS: Ymro made an account 4th october. 2 days after me.

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