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It's a warmup for the ASCIImator battle twister, have fun warming up!
1:You can put any manikin you want, it doesn't have to be yours.
2: Put your name at the begin when your part starts.
3: You may keep stuff around at the end of your part
4: You are in a box (frame) and you can do things with.
5: This will be stopped when the twister battle comes out
6: Have fun!

We will strat a new, this one is full!
retake the last frame and we can continue!
tag list: stickbattlers stickbattlers full part
11.10.2009 13:41
by  Ascimator

me next
11.10.2009 14:39
by  Bionicbeetle

Mario!   _ Luigi!
| _     (M)/
|(L)    _o'
 `o Ó-}')|_
 /S\  (<Γ_/
 / \    JJ
I should explain. the S is in their bodies because it stands for "Super", as in Super
Mario/Luigi. I'll probably use these three in a future animation, probably a Super Mario-based

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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