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Ooh, the poor guy had two...broken...arms.
They fell off!
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05.10.2009 06:55
by  Bionicbeetle

Is it me, or is there a sudden flood of Green ASCIImators?
05.10.2009 09:42
by  Neon-J

Sudden? Beetle, it's been like this for MONTHS.

Ah, the good ol' days. *thinks back to 2008*
05.10.2009 14:51
by  Bionicbeetle

Well, on...Monday, there was Dan, Tenguman and Doomed soot.
Then from then-today,Puffletaco, sergioko, kelleroid, ashpb123, austinblan and gamelover101 have
joined. Quite a bit..?

Oh, please don't call me Beetle.
06.10.2009 14:29
by  Neon-J

I'm going to use that against you now. :P

But yeah, there's a SUPERSUDDEN increase on the already SUDDEN amount of ASCIImators. I blame
06.10.2009 15:06
by  kelleroid

06.10.2009 15:19
by  Gameinsky

I brought kelleroid here by posting asciimations in the count to "x" tils a mod posts, He
asked me:how do you do that ?
I answer with a site called ascimator, then he went checking :D
06.10.2009 22:18
by  gamelover101

I don't know. I saw ASCIImator links on other sites.
What's wrong with new users anyways?
07.10.2009 15:04
by  Bionicbeetle

Nothing, but the increase in the amount of members joining suddenly spiked.
It was kinda menti-*cough*said*cough*-oned a few times...
07.10.2009 21:50
by  Neon-J

Well, it just seems like ASCIImator's changing. :P

Like all those storys from long ago. The random ones.
14.01.2010 01:28
by  gamelover101

So offtopic...

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