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tag list: self promotion
16.09.2009 18:03
by  Bionicbeetle

26.10.2009 17:58
by  Gameinsky

Upgrade: 13 years old and 3th biggest producter.
19th best rated .
06.11.2009 10:46
by  Gameinsky

Biggest producer, 17 best designer
06.11.2009 10:47
by  Gameinsky

er I mean 18
31.01.2010 15:03
by  Ratfink

So, we're the same age then, Olivier!  Unless you're 14 by now, then you'd be older.

At least, I think I'm 13.  I can't quite remember.

Yeah, 13 sounds about right.
31.01.2010 15:11
by  Gameinsky

I'm 13 :)
16.10.2010 19:53
by  Gameinsky

Not anymore!
10.05.2011 16:55
by  Gameinsky

oh, for the ones wondering, linlinjuwacacathing stands for: line line jump walk catch (forgot what
the second ca was for) thing
10.05.2011 23:21
by  AweAndWonder

:D  Now you're the number 1 maker of asciimations in terms of quantity with 440! o.O  Divinity
Boy is second with a mere 297.
11.05.2011 11:17
by  Gameinsky

origamy guy kinda complained because I did "quantity vs quality" but he looked at the top
lists, and forgot that on the time he was here (3 years ago) it was natural to rack up to 8 votes.
If you have 5 votes on a level now you're pretty godamn lucky.
11.05.2011 23:52
by  AweAndWonder

I don't think you and origami guy's work are comparable.  He did a lot of simple yet cool
effects and loaders while you did more of a mix of things.  So both types of ASCIImations are good
in their own way.  Anyway, with quantity (and practice) you get better.  AND you're the last
original active ASCIImator.

It's a shame there aren't many people.  Maybe ASCIImator will make a comeback in the
12.05.2011 14:29
by  Gameinsky

that's incorrect, there's still ghope, you and that new french guy are doing very well.
12.05.2011 15:45
by  AweAndWonder

I meant you're the only active asciimator that has been on for years.
12.05.2011 15:59
by  Gameinsky

for about 1,5 year actually, but I don't considder myself a legend, because well, the legend
where the ones that were here in 2007, I have a good connection with gecko, so I can ask him to
check the site if he forgets :P
12.05.2011 23:10
by  AweAndWonder

Cool.  I saw that he was on earlier.  Yes, we need the legends to return.  I imagine there were more
ASCIImators in 2009 compared to now, weren't there?
13.05.2011 14:38
by  Gameinsky

We had kelleroid, Ponkey, Neon-J, richeyrich, Myo, mrazerty, D-boy, origamyguy, Tur (ascimator), and
a few other people of Bonuslevel.
So yeah.
(comment on flup's asciimations, she'll answer them)
13.05.2011 14:38
by  Gameinsky

forgot ratfink >_<
15.05.2011 16:08
by  Gameinsky

oh! linlinruwajucacathing stands for lineline rune walk jump catch cannon thing!

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