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I thought about this in the Car. Nice Idea, eh?
(Kick the Can taken from "Kick the Can"- Homestar Runner)
tag list: oneclick game
02.09.2009 08:55
by  Bionicbeetle

Hm, this worked much better than I thought it would!
Look out for a Clock version!
02.09.2009 11:09
by  Gameinsky

But might want to make some arms for him ?
04.09.2009 14:59
by  Bionicbeetle

:o I just realised I gotted Karma!
I think it was for this :3
04.09.2009 15:00
by  Bionicbeetle

Oh, he doesn't have arms because it's side on, and I see no reason why he should have
arms, because he doesn't run, so the running arm motion isn't used.

Give me a good reason and i will though :D
08.09.2009 20:26
by  Tenguman

Heh, Tenguman has arived CUE THE MEGAMAN BOSS MUSIC! Nice animation btw I still havn't stopped
kicking the can.

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