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melancholy @ sorrow @ sadness
tag list: animals asciipedia:window lyrics realistic
In favorites of: cfive
22.04.2005 17:49
by  guest

oober newber u got lots of time on yo hands
26.03.2006 13:53
by  guest

Two frames? TWO FRAMES?!?!?!?! This Sucks. And is Crappy.
And Weird. So it's SCW. With a capital S, C, and W.
26.04.2006 14:16
by  guest

yay, a cat!
13.08.2006 19:58
by  Anachronism

16.08.2006 12:42
by  guest

That is cute! I like the cat's tail.

10.11.2006 07:39
by  Flup

I like kitties, but why does it say "melancholy @ sorrow @
24.03.2007 09:21
by  rtnario

Jeez. The number of frames don't really matter much if the
ASCII is made well, and it keeps you interested in watching
it. o.o
17.07.2007 00:08
by  cfive

05.01.2008 12:55
by  Bluesboyjr

Can't you see that the flower represents melancholy, the cat represents sorrow, and the window
represents sadness? On second thoughts, don't melancholy, sorrow and sadness mean the same

Meh, who cares, 5/5 for a great looking ascii!
06.01.2008 23:37
by  cfive

Well, this is OBVIOUSLY an avante-garde piece of artwork which represents the human search for
existance in ways heretofore unknown.

...Wait, did I just say that? *looks* Oh, I guess I did...
18.05.2009 23:45
by  darerd

@ stands for 'at', not 'and'.
23.12.2014 04:51
by  MentosMintMania

Kitties rule!!!
14.12.2017 06:00
by  lokimugr

I had a clock whose tail went back and forth like that once. Both very cute!!!

comment by  guest:
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