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24.08.2009 13:03
by  Dragonphase

Cool asciimation, and Welcome to Asciimator!
24.08.2009 15:45
by  ProFFiK

24.08.2009 16:42
by  Gameinsky

sorry that I say this but the board climbs that little ramp very weird!
I'l give you 4 for the originality.
24.08.2009 17:27
by  ProFFiK

i know
17.11.2017 16:18
by  WilliamPlubs

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17.11.2017 18:41
by  Williemat

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19.11.2017 16:27
by  alllabeita

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20.11.2017 13:16
by  GopVesk

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