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Coincidencially rediscovered this awesome site in my bookmarks; Made me feel like making an ASCIImation again, that's why I made this little thingy =)

This asciimation is not meant offensively or racistic. Or hmm.. Maybe a little. Against Belgium, where I live. =P

NOTE: Sorry if the dialogue is a bit too fast, I didn't keep count with the fact that the preview players seems to be slower than the real player :S
tag list: battle japan war
In favorites of: Bionicbeetle
07.07.2009 10:49
by  Gameinsky

I'm from Belgium :p and i care !!!!
04.11.2009 21:05
by  Bionicbeetle

And I'm from Japan.

 …Why're we friends again?

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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