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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Somethings like do not psh the btton , enjoy!
tag list: do not push the button thingy psychology reverse psychology
In favorites of: asiekierka Zeus guy
21.06.2009 07:58
by  asiekierka

I said do not use reverse psychology!
4/5 for idea. Would be 5/5 if it was longer.
And fav'd.
21.06.2009 08:00
by  Gameinsky

you wish is my desire :-)
21.06.2009 08:21
by  asiekierka

4.5/5 so far, still a little bit short for 5/5.
21.06.2009 08:39
by  Gameinsky

no !!! i was editing it and i lost my progress!
21.06.2009 08:52
by  Gameinsky

21.06.2009 09:41
by  Im

You put the most awesome sites there :P
21.06.2009 12:48
by  asiekierka

Too much misspellings but ok, 5/5.
I even forgive you that rickroll on 1227.com.
21.06.2009 12:50
by  Gameinsky

xD lol! sorry , english isn't my native langeage (only 12!!!!)
and shhhh about 1227.com
21.06.2009 12:56
by  asiekierka

Oh no, no, no.

WARNING: www.1227.com contains a rickroll that makes your screen go crazy and your browser to be
uncloseable except if you read a rickroll.

Also, english is not my native language either, and i'm exactly your age. LOL.
21.06.2009 14:07
by  Gameinsky

they won't go look down before watching this asciimation xD
nice try!
26.08.2009 16:22
by  Dragonphase

Aww Asie, i read your first comment:

Too much misspellings but ok, 5/5.
I even forgive you that rickroll on 1227.com.

and didn't read below... Damn it i had to suffer a rickroll
30.06.2011 10:14
by  sepehrnoor

Fun fact: 1227.com is owned by a friend of mine.
30.06.2011 10:39
by  Gameinsky

30.06.2011 12:44
by  sepehrnoor

Even funnier fact: It's owned by a IRL friend of mine who owned that domain, then he found a
javascript code which makes the screen go crazy and added it to the website. +Saxroll.

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