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guess whos back... and I have a name now! sorry its a bit jumpy...
tag list: star wars
04.02.2006 09:43
by  Jotamo

guess whos back, back again...

I, the anonymous guest, have a name!!!!!!!!!!

ps. i cheated on the first lucky luke. i typed the first
comment to attract veiwers. :p  I failed.
10.05.2006 06:47
by  karaboz

Hi Jotamo! I didn't recognize at once that you are the man
who produced all previous parts of Lucky Luke! Now I
attached your anonimous asciimations to your new account.
Enjoy! Widh you to finish youe funny sequel!

p.s. by the way... I cant understand what happens in this
Part 4? May be it's better to reduce font size of the

[site admin]

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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