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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
large animation for front page of a web site
tag list: awesome banner bird realistic
In favorites of: cfive
24.01.2006 12:31
by  karaboz

is this hand made animation? In other case what program did
you use to create it? (you should to test tour animation in
FireFox - there is a little bag with background size)
24.01.2006 20:04
by  statichiss

Mostly being clever with software. I started with an
animated gif of the bird (8 frames). Split this into
seperate images.  Used a shareware called Ascii Art Studio
to convert the seperate bird pics into ascii art,  AAS has
a useful cut & paste wherein it will paste w/out
overwriting blank characters. The random text was taken
from random public PGP keys found on the net. (Google 'my
pgp key'.)
25.01.2006 04:03
by  guest

wow wow wow!
30.01.2007 14:22
by  brutto

javE and our `ASCII2Gif plasmagun` do it easily and freeware

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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