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A documentary about Flobbles.
How would you like it if a Flobble ate you?

To find out more, go to:

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03.02.2009 13:30
by  asiekierka

Ok. I didn't tell you we're making a Flobble Cloner. Each Flobble can be cloned to 5
DIFFERENT flobbles, but each of these flobbels can be cloned to another 5 different flobbles, and so

Operation is starting soon...
03.02.2009 13:37
by  gecko.jsc

Yes!!! This will help the Flobble species to thrive once more!

Thanks Asie!
03.02.2009 13:45
by  asiekierka

Well, it costs a lot, so we'll need support in the long run.

Hopefully Ohm has happily agreed to be the power generator, but we still need some more support :(

UPDATE: The first Flobble cloned! Everything well! Running soon!
03.02.2009 13:51
by  asiekierka

UPDATE 2: Morph technology returns! Improvements done! First Flobble to be accustomed to Full Morph
technology! Asiekierka can morph with his own Flobble now! WIN!
03.02.2009 14:00
by  gecko.jsc

This is great news! Meanwhile I will post many thought provoking images to make people think twice
about eating Flobbles! I will return soon with news of my campaign.
03.02.2009 14:00
by  gecko.jsc

I just need to find the cable to plug my scanner into my laptop!
03.02.2009 14:12
by  asiekierka

Why? Did you draw a "Help Flobbles" poster?

Anyway, every experimental process has been proven safe by now, and we're building the lab and
a documentary on the friendship between me and a family of flobbles.
03.02.2009 14:35
by  gecko.jsc

At school in form time I drew a poster of a Flobble Gobbler eating Flobbles, and the position of
Flobbles in a food web.

Unfortunately the cable for my scanner is not in my 'wires' draw, so I have no idea where
it is... I'll keep looking!
03.02.2009 15:15
by  asiekierka

gecko: Make a photo of it, at least!
03.02.2009 15:32
by  gecko.jsc

Don't worry I've found it! For some strange reason, the cable used for the scanner is the
same cable used for the printer, even though they are a completely different make!

I've got an HP printer, and a Canon scanner!

03.02.2009 15:54
by  asiekierka

The same case here too, only i have a Plustek scanner. :)

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