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In favorites of: cfive CTDSThree
18.03.2008 22:11
by  fire_hurts

I thought you were gonna start singing some of The Beatles.
19.03.2008 00:40
by  cfive

May I inquire why?
Oh and it started out pretty good...
19.03.2008 00:54
by  fire_hurts

"We're so sorry, uncle Albert" Paul McCartney from the Beatles.
19.03.2008 16:33
by  Bluesboyjr

Paul is dead...
Dead happy about divorcing Heather Mills for only a fraction of her original demands!
22.03.2008 02:41
by  rtnario

Paul is indeed dead, everyone.
William Campbell ain't, though. O_O
22.03.2008 13:51
by  fire_hurts

I have heard the theories and seen the site (though have not read it), but the idea of Paul being
dead was started by the Beatles themselves.  Things such as playing songs backwards never really
does anything imo.  If you want lets start a thread about it! :D
23.03.2008 03:37
by  rtnario

Thank you for the idea, starting a thread seems very tempting XD But nah, if you go to a site called
"paulisdead.co.uk", you'll find ALL the info you'll need. Don't blame me if
you get scared, though =\
23.03.2008 04:00
by  cfive

Why don't these guy just show up on TV or something so everybody will just shut up with the
controvercy and all THAT!?
23.03.2008 06:39
by  rtnario

Why did you say "THAT" in caps? Makes me wonder if you're really taking it seriously
o_o IMO, I have no idea why this site hasn't been shown in the media. Just
maybe...something's not allowing them...
23.03.2008 12:50
by  cfive

Because THAT is a caps-safe word... IN PARTA!
23.03.2008 12:50
by  cfive

And I mean Paul showing up on tv....
23.03.2008 14:27
by  fire_hurts

Some people believe he is an impersonator.  Check out the site my colleague gave, and then check out
this wiki:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_is_dead

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