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this is the desciption of somthing, I'm not shure of what though: there are the colores blue red yellow and all of theose other colors that are avable at the local walmart. there is a weird guy named bob who is a stick figure. he might be based on someone who I know, probaly not though. More likely it's someone you know insted. If I could swim I would be a fish. can you tell I am running out of things to say? There is this fat guy that lives down the street who is... uh...fat. well aneyway the point that I am trying to say is that if you eat a green potato chip you will die. Wow! you mus have some serious time on your hands to be reading all of this. if you are reading all of this then you should probaly get off the computer all togather and become a bookworm. If you like sour cream press 1, if you DON'T like sour cream press 2. It dosen't really matter what you press it won't do aneything anyway. Yes it is true that my great grandfather died because he was drunk and hit his head on the edge of a piano. My docter has a beird the size of his chin. I saw a guy with a chin which could cover long Island. well is is 7:20 eastern jerk time. if this is too long eat what ever is in sight of you and send me a 21 dollar bill, HA! I'd like to see that, why are you reading this when you could just click the link and see what joe random is.
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In favorites of: Bionicbeetle cfive
06.01.2008 10:54
by  Bluesboyjr

17.02.2008 21:59
by  cfive

*sends you a 21 dollar bill* HA-HA! TAKE THAT!
18.02.2008 18:41
by  Bluesboyjr

The '1' comment I did was because I like sour cream*. I rated this 4/5.

*I don't think I've tried sour cream, but I like Sour Cream & Chive Pringles. Mmm..
once you pop you just can't stop!
18.02.2008 21:15
by  cfive

MMM.... sour cream and chive WOOHOO!

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