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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)

If you worked out how this works, please don't post it in a comment. That ruins it for others.
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10.12.2007 13:19
by  Dragonphase

i keep clicking the boxes and suddenly get DeJaVu
10.12.2007 14:51
by  Computergeek93

10.12.2007 17:14
by  gecko.jsc

I chose B the first time, and it read my mind!
Then I chose A and it didn't work...
11.12.2007 22:43
by  fire_hurts

I don't understand this trick xD  I have a theory, but don't want to post for spoilers =X 
Flup, would you mind PM'ing the solution to me xD
12.12.2007 18:26
by  cfive

Ditto w/ geckoDOTjsc
13.12.2007 07:53
by  Flup

Watch your box carefully and it should work.
13.12.2007 20:41
by  gecko.jsc

Sorry for sounding like a real noob, but what does XD mean???
13.12.2007 22:28
by  fire_hurts

xD is an emoticon or smiley like :D but like xD x being the eyes

14.12.2007 12:18
by  rtnario

...I'm sorry, but I don't get it x_x
14.12.2007 16:23
by  gecko.jsc

Is XD meant to show someone dead or eyes tightly shut or something?
16.12.2007 08:46
by  Flup

Yes. Turn your head sideways and use your imagination.
16.12.2007 19:44
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Ctrl+Alt+Left on Vista
10.01.2008 22:01
by  LaTributer

Dude i really picked box b dude dude dude noob whoops dude dude aww forget it i liked it
10.01.2008 22:06
by  LaTributer

but i dont get the trick i watched box a nuttin happnd
11.02.2008 01:06
by  guitarking96

all of them move
11.02.2008 01:20
by  cfive

Hey, Your right! FLUP, THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!!!!!! (@@)
11.02.2008 01:24
by  cfive

I think Dr. Demento's website has something like this. (novelty songs ftw!)
21.09.2009 15:48
by  Gameinsky

The card trick is better, and more understandable.
28.09.2009 07:02
by  Flup

My apologies.
28.09.2009 07:04
by  Bionicbeetle

I think they both work the same.. slightly oddly. x3
17.09.2010 22:15
by  Dragonphase

I still  dont know how this works...
19.09.2010 07:22
by  Flup

I think three years is long enough to wait, hahaha...
This is how it works:

If you choose box B, your box is chosen because it is separated from the others.

If you choose box A or C, your box is chosen because it is moved towards you.

That's all there is to it!
19.09.2010 12:05
by  Gameinsky

Flup,please become a part of asciibattle :D
07.10.2010 09:42
by  Flup

Errrrrr okay let's do this crazy thing

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