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This creature is not my pet but it is my friend. It is a huge metal snake that is said to live in a lake which has no name. It can carry up to three passengers on it's head and can take them to the other side of it's lake or to the top of a strange mountain which is said to be the home of all legendary and mythical creatures.

Pronounciation: Giss-trone-eye
tag list: asciizoo
In favorites of: cfive Computergeek93
05.12.2007 18:14
by  gecko.jsc

Here's an embarrising secret: Gistronai was actually inspired by a bath plug. Y'know those
plugs with long metal chains coming off them.
05.12.2007 21:52
by  Bluesboyjr

5/5 for the ascii!
07.12.2007 13:20
by  rtnario

Awesome effect. ^^
07.12.2007 16:55
by  Computergeek93

WTF?!! thats awesomely cool!
09.12.2007 01:42
by  Flup

Teehee, bath plug. Awesome ripple effect though =P

comment by  guest:
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