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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
tag list: story
In favorites of: -7 Bionicbeetle Bluesboyjr cfive ddgc (AFK Forever) Disabler Ratfink
15.11.2007 11:32
by  Ponky

LOL :D:D:D:D..
15.11.2007 21:06
by  cfive

20.11.2007 17:32
by  Bluesboyjr

L+O+L= awesome Asciimation!
23.05.2009 04:41
by  IAmTheScoutHere

L+O+L= I would laugh, but my parents are sleeping. This is- HILARIOUS.
23.05.2009 04:43
by  Flup

Oh my gawd. It's been so long and still people comment. XD
23.05.2009 04:43
by  Flup

Thanks, man ;)
25.11.2009 17:30
by  Ratfink

Nice animation.  But still, six hours?  Why not wait half an hour and then you're half an hour
in the future?
02.12.2009 05:01
by  Flup

Ah... I suppose six hours is better proof; half an hour may not show you a change in light or the
angle of the sun.
02.12.2009 08:02
by  Bionicbeetle

*Points at the Moon*
04.12.2009 12:37
by  Flup

04.12.2009 13:52
by  Gameinsky

I once red a story about someone build a time machine, step in it "said, you will see it will
work" and constantely the same image, at the end he is dizzy and the other guy says "not
very complete that timemachine, uh ?"
04.12.2009 15:57
by  Bionicbeetle

"*Waves* BUT IT ISN'T *waves*!" -I.M Meen/I.M Liar

"THIS BOOK IS RED! *pause, Book turns red* BUT IT ISN'T RED!" *another pause, then
his face inverts* *Next scene* OH, LOOK, it's from Bowser!" -I.M Meen/I.M Liar
23.10.2011 13:50
by  CTDS3

*Points at the waving Flup*
24.10.2011 04:59
by  Flup

I'd give you all coherent answers, but I'm too busy being amazed by this audio comments
24.10.2011 07:29
by  sepehrnoor

Hey asie, this thing is messed up. You use the comment's posting time in hours and minutes and
the poster's username to get that comment's id, so posting two comments in the same minute
by the same user results in the second one being unreadable by the T2S engine...
Maybe you can access and tweak the comment date feature and make it display a more specific time in
the comments? (if you have access to THAT)
var1 = new Date(year, month, day) //the date
var2 = new Date(hours, minutes, seconds) //you can arrange this one to have colons in it
Another option would be adding an ID to each comment and fetching thee comment's content by ID.
(I doubt you can access that much of the code)
Another alternative can be not posting two comments at the same minute :P
24.10.2011 13:26
by  Flup

Yeah, I noticed that with my comments "Oh my gawd. It's been so long and still people
comment. XD" and "Thanks, man ;)" above, I thought I'd just misclicked or
24.10.2011 13:58
by  sepehrnoor

Oh, now I got what Bionicbeetle was referencing!
"This book is made to order, but it isn't made to order!
***** study."
I don't think the second part was suitable for ASCIImator, so I censored it.
inb4 asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk asterisk.
24.10.2011 14:11
by  asiekierka

sepehrnoor I can't access the comment ID - it's admin-only

Use the other alternative for now.
24.10.2011 16:18
by  sepehrnoor

You mean the comment date complexity or not posting double ? :P
24.10.2011 22:48
by  CTDS3

um make the text thing adjustable plz?

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