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This is basically all the 'mators from Flup's Recipe animation.. uhm...
tag list:
29.10.2007 19:32
by  CrazyHoboIsADumbass

,df er frg ann day. m.!Z!
Lgy m. cb!!!
29.10.2007 19:57
by  Dragonphase

29.10.2007 20:03
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

that might be encryption of some kind
29.10.2007 21:43
by  fire_hurts

Doesn't look like encryption to me... just spam. Brutto has been on lately. He favorited
Flup's 'mation. Maybe he can cast the banhammer or some kind of disciplinarey action
29.10.2007 21:54
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

You could just replace a with something, b with...
and instant encryption.
29.10.2007 23:21
by  cfive

I prefer FIRIN' MAH BANCANNON, mahself, but I don't think banning would do anything.
30.10.2007 00:10
by  Flup

Nice! ;)
30.10.2007 17:02
by  Ponky

i think hes just sum sad little kid leaving spam on sites.. i dunno y.. maybe hes retarded..
30.10.2007 17:16
by  Dragonphase

lol i laughed at ur comment ponky! (but comes to a good conclusion)
30.10.2007 21:39
by  Bluesboyjr

If by retard you mean someone who is mentally challenged, then SHAME ON YOU!!
A person with special needs is way more mature than CrazyHobo!! Such an insult..
20.11.2007 19:00
by  Silver

CrazyHobo turned his name to CrazyHoboIsADumbass!!!
20.11.2007 19:00
by  Silver

so (i am silver) i'll change to crazyhobo
20.11.2007 19:15
by  Dragonphase

20.11.2007 21:19
by  cfive

Silver, you joined quite a while back... why are you just appearing just now?
20.11.2007 22:01
by  Bluesboyjr

Check out the gentlemen thread for your answer.

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