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28.10.2007 11:59
by  origamiguy

*ahem* my head is <^>
just so you know.
28.10.2007 12:19
by  Bluesboyjr

5/5 WOW.
The first asciimation that wasn't made by me that had me in it. I'm so happy.

`    dninho!
`    don et!
`     te  t!
`     h   o!
`     e   m!
      r    !
28.10.2007 15:05
by  origamiguy

erm, heat to ridiculous temperature, then eat without letting it cool?


5/5 anyhoo
28.10.2007 16:53
by  cfive

Congradulation, this has been added to my big vat o' favorites!
28.10.2007 16:58
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

6,602,224,175 asciimators
28.10.2007 17:54
by  Bluesboyjr

According to the main page there's only 197.
28.10.2007 20:48
by  Ponky

lol cfive wat about the favourites that were poured out..?? and now its full of randomness and
pownage and karaboz..!!! and ye everyone in the world isnt an asciimator.. and yes.. i agree.. this
should be in my tiny thinble of favourites.. i might uprade to *puny pot* and yaayy.. =D im full of
randomness.. of course the world is green.. thats why kitkats turn at every corner.. so now will you
not belive in my recipe that turned you onto cheese once twice three times a miracle.. YEAH IM FIRIN
29.10.2007 05:13
by  Flup

Sorry, origamiguy, I'll fix that asap.
29.10.2007 05:22
by  Flup

Okay, done.
29.10.2007 07:02
by  CrazyHoboIsADumbass

ln.ao. n.y m. x. cb ydco!
mf olammcbivvv
29.10.2007 13:14
by  Dragonphase

hey, thanks DBoys TOTAL OWNAGE...!!! great work (BTW this is the only asciimation with most ppls
29.10.2007 23:54
by  Flup

w00t, 7 favourites
29.10.2007 23:54
by  Flup

uh, 8 favourites now
30.10.2007 00:04
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

yay, two lines of favs.
30.10.2007 00:05
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

I'm still disturbed that it's still rated 3.86.
30.10.2007 00:23
by  Flup

Yeah -_-
30.10.2007 01:07
by  cfive

Your lack of rating disturbs me...
30.10.2007 01:15
by  Flup

it's because of crazyhobo ><
30.10.2007 04:12
by  _guest

who is likely to be banned
30.10.2007 04:12
by  _guest

by now.
30.10.2007 04:13
by  _guest

Nobody expects a triple post!
30.10.2007 04:13
by  _guest

Oh wait, I mean comment
30.10.2007 04:23
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

30.10.2007 04:23
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

30.10.2007 04:23
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

30.10.2007 04:23
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

30.10.2007 04:23
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

31.10.2007 01:08
by  cfive

Supernova457 or supernova?
31.10.2007 01:29
by  cfive

Question for Flup...

On the second floor, what is the thing walking around?
Sometimes it's like this : /\, but others it's like this: @
31.10.2007 07:25
by  Flup

Cfive - that's just some random thing walking around your house.

And I meant supernova457. (But I don't think he's around any more?)
31.10.2007 08:08
by  Flup

About the /\, it only turned into @ on one frame.
31.10.2007 20:45
by  cfive

Ok, so um, could the fedora of the fezlol destroy the reticularly umpire of the entire west wing of
the Peruvian carpet industry?
01.11.2007 04:59
by  Flup

19.01.2008 01:55
by  supernova457

I'm kinda back. ^^

Thanks! I luvs mah donuts. =]

Thanks again for puttin' me in!!! ^^

Even though I wasn't here at all... lol
19.01.2008 18:50
by  Bluesboyjr

And may he who is currently controlling chobo's account remove the one rating? 
20.01.2008 15:09
by  supernova457


Are you talking to me? Because I have no idea who "chobo" is.
20.01.2008 19:05
by  Bluesboyjr

Chobo is the shortened form of the name CrazyHobo. While you were doing whatever unasciimated things
you were doing while you were away, he popped up and started insulting Asie, rating Asciis one and
commenting weird confusing things. He disappeared, and someone (I believe it was ddgc) worked out
his password (it was something like qwerty) and started to remove the spam and one-ratings. However,
I don't think he's quite finished, as Chobo had multiple accounts.
So there's Chobo in a nutshell!
21.01.2008 16:47
by  cfive

MAN, THAT CRAZY HOBO WAS ONE CRAZY HOBO!!! In short, it (lol, it) was more of a
 ____  _                 _                          _             _ _ _ _ 
| __ )| | __ _ ___ _ __ | |__   ___ _ __ ___   __ _| |_ ___  _ __| | | | |
|  _ \| |/ _` / __| '_ \| '_ \ / _ \ '_ ` _ \ / _` | __/ _ \| '__| | | | |
| |_) | | (_| \__ \ |_) | | | |  __/ | | | | | (_| | || (_) | |  |_|_|_|_|
|____/|_|\__,_|___/ .__/|_| |_|\___|_| |_| |_|\__,_|\__\___/|_|  (_|_|_|_)
AWWW... Well, it was more of a BLASPHEMATOR then an
               _ _                 _             
  __ _ ___  ___(_|_)_ __ ___   __ _| |_ ___  _ __ 
 / _` / __|/ __| | | '_ ` _ \ / _` | __/ _ \| '__|
| (_| \__ \ (__| | | | | | | | (_| | || (_) | |   
 \__,_|___/\___|_|_|_| |_| |_|\__,_|\__\___/|_|   

(Comments need bold, underline, and italics for more emphasis)
21.01.2008 16:47
by  cfive

22.01.2008 03:52
by  fire_hurts

<c>Is this centered xD</c>
20.02.2008 12:44
by  Dragonphase

This ASCIImation has recieved the "Ultimate Favourites Award" for recieving more than 12

    <(     )>
      `. .`
      .` `.
|Most Favourites|
|     Award     |

20.02.2008 16:21
by  Speggy

lol my first fav, pure geneius
20.02.2008 22:14
by  cfive

11.07.2008 17:56
by  origamiguy

comment #44

this now has 14 favs.

probably the most fav'd and most commented asciimation.

"view from a train" by 'finefin' still deserves to be the best though....
12.07.2008 18:15
by  Flup

Thanks everyone =P
12.07.2008 20:33
by  cfive

Thou art welcome! NOW DRAW THINE SWORD!

|   |
 / \
/   \
13.07.2008 02:02
by  Flup

/ \
18.12.2008 17:16
by  Ponky

tehehe :P i like it cuz it has me in it lol only joking.. its so awesomely awesome
18.12.2008 17:22
by  gecko.jsc

It should be:
Mix together...
Heat to 999999999 degrees...
And you've killed everybody on ASCIImator!
18.12.2008 18:04
by  origamiguy

nah, heating the vat o' favourites melted the server.
28.12.2008 09:39
by  Flup

It melted all the asciimators together into an amorphous blob!
04.08.2009 11:09
by  Gameinsky

[code]       _____ _        ____
  /\        /   _// \  /\  /\
 /--\  /\  /-- / |   |/  \/  \--
/    \/  \/____\__\_//        \____[/code]
04.08.2009 11:56
by  Flup

Thanks :D
04.08.2009 12:28
by  Gameinsky

Hey , i brought someone back :O
04.08.2009 12:43
by  Flup

Who, me?
04.08.2009 14:26
by  Gameinsky

I only see one guy...
or is it???

08.08.2009 01:26
by  Flup

No, I'm a Flup clone :B
05.09.2009 17:07
by  Bionicbeetle

*looks at comments*
06.09.2009 09:30
by  Flup


(Glad you like ;] )
06.09.2009 09:59
by  Bionicbeetle

I was gonna do a Comment ASCII with a Comic strip of "draw thine grenade!" but about every
five minutes Dell gives me an error of being unable to find a Site which i've never even heard

That's the Fourth time..
06.09.2009 10:37
by  Gameinsky

I refil Cfives huge favourites vat!
                |\ |\&            |
               |¯¯||~ & ~~~~~~~~~~|
             |¯¯¯¯|| \#/        4-|
           |¯¯¯¯¯¯||  ¯           |
         |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯||            2-|
       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯||              |
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| \____________/
06.09.2009 11:00
by  Bionicbeetle

I realise you have learnt of the Macron! (¯)

Dangit, cfive should come back already..
10.09.2009 09:00
by  Flup

curse you, dell!

Olivier - wonderful! Now the asciimation can be replayed again and again and again and again...
10.09.2009 13:20
by  Ascimator

Could you add me?
10.09.2009 15:17
by  Gameinsky

No prolbem flup!
   / \

   / \

   / \

   / \

   / \
10.09.2009 17:13
by  Bionicbeetle

Oh, I appear to be turning into someone like cfive.. how strange..

(")     ơ-{Hi5, c5?)
/|\    ¯B\
/ \    / \
10.09.2009 19:04
by  Gameinsky


//\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ epic!
11.09.2009 07:19
by  Bionicbeetle

 o    ơ
/A\  ¯B\
/ \  / \
11.09.2009 15:21
by  Gameinsky

I don't know SIR!
Well GOOD...
11.09.2009 16:11
by  Bionicbeetle

 o   ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
/ \
11.09.2009 16:37
by  Gameinsky

Maybe you shall be named Bfive,however Cfive will maybe not find it funny, meh

My duck!
11.09.2009 17:16
by  Bionicbeetle

Wait, Yes.
Well, Maybe.
Wait 'til Cfive comes back.
Bionicbeetle-Battle Catologue-Day 1
We've started production of the Reasoner ships, and we will soon send them out.
We've also began creating the Small Battlestars, our small Engagers. If anything small gets out
of hand, this'll take care of them.
First production:
Armed with a small Laser Cannon, these will be our Prime Attackers. We are also developing two more
Ships, the Battlecruiser and the Shuttling. Production of the Shuttling shall be finished soon, but
the Battlecruiser will take more time to create.
11.09.2009 17:54
by  Gameinsky

I'm thinking about ASCIIstarwars!
But momentely to much collaborations active...
11.09.2009 20:43
by  Bionicbeetle

Bionicbeetle-Battle Catologue-Day 1
We have created our First Shuttling.
\ |'.____
/ |.'¯¯¯¯
Although it appears to Lack weaponry, it hides a Large Laser Cannon and also an EMP shocker, capable
of stunning anything in it's path. We are designing a new version of this that has Proton
Missiles too. The first Battlecruiser is partly complete:
             / |||
            /\ ||\
        |' .  \`. )
        |    `./ /
        |  _  ==| __
        | |-| ==|<,,|<
        |  ¯   /\|¯¯\
        |-----´\ \¯¯¯\
The Framework still holds it together. once complete, this will be a mighty Cruiser of the stars.
(End report)
11.09.2009 20:46
by  Gameinsky

Sounds starfight-ish...
11.09.2009 23:13
by  Flup

25.11.2010 18:43
by  MyO

Amazing one.
26.11.2010 05:47
by  Flup

To be honest, I'm surprised people are still commenting on it!
02.01.2011 18:15
by  Ascimator

Add me plz.
04.01.2011 15:57
by  Gameinsky

You want to be heated to 999999999 degrees ?
14.01.2011 12:17
by  Flup

AsCiMaToR: Okay. Wait, how do you do that?

olivier: Yes, but doesn't everyone? ;D
14.01.2011 15:29
by  Ascimator

Well, I would appear in "teleport" way. It can be seen in most of ASCIImations featuring

And about my part of it... could you figure this out by yourself?
15.01.2011 11:33
by  Flup

Ah! I'm sorry, I misunderstood what you meant by "add". Yep, I'm sure I can do
that! I'm several years out of practice though, so give me a week or so to get it done :P
15.01.2011 15:50
by  Gameinsky

I'd like to be in it too, thought I don't know what I have D:
15.01.2011 19:43
by  Ascimator

Maybe "fame" or "popularity"?
Or something related to huge number of your ASCIIs?
16.01.2011 09:33
by  Gameinsky

OOooh, asciifactory :)
16.01.2011 11:39
by  Flup

"Prolificness" :D
17.01.2011 11:55
by  Dragonphase

Hey Flup ^^
18.01.2011 10:01
by  Flup

'lo there!
20.06.2011 10:36
by  sepehrnoor

23 favs and 89 comments.
26.06.2011 13:17
by  Flup

Believe me, I'm as amused as you are.
26.06.2011 13:23
by  Gameinsky

and 24 votes.

26.06.2011 23:17
by  CrazyHoboIsADumbass

Hey, don't look at me... I voted 5.
26.06.2011 23:23
by  AweAndWonder

BTW, 24 favs now. :)
27.06.2011 07:02
by  sepehrnoor

SPOILER: One week ago, I logged in as CrazyHoboIsADumbass to rate this 5, but someone else had
already rated this 5 as CrazyHoboIsADumbass X)
27.06.2011 08:57
by  Flup

Aw, that's nice :)
28.06.2011 00:18
by  AweAndWonder

@sepehrnoor =O
lol  XD I was the one who logged in as CHobo to see if he voted 5, and surprised that he did
already, I wrote that comment!
28.06.2011 00:27
by  AweAndWonder

But... if CHobo didn't vote 1, then WHO DID?!!!
28.06.2011 10:00
by  sepehrnoor

CrazyHobo rated this 1
CrazyHoboIsADumbass rated this 5
22.07.2011 22:23
by  CTDS3

Well, I will be making a series called ASCIIventures. Who would like to be in it? I will start this
one tomorrow. Anyone? Flup? Cfive (yes, you can bring your duck along)? Olivier? Anyone can join!
{^o<--------- Yes, I can do the gangsta thing, kelleroid.
21.08.2011 02:54
by  AweAndWonder

Hmm, I didn't know there was a difference between CrazyHobo and CrazyHoboIsADumbass...
I'm confused.  o_O
21.08.2011 08:09
by  Gameinsky

me too, didn't DDGC call himself a dumbass afterwards ?
21.08.2011 10:26
by  sepehrnoor

Let's ask karaboz, he knows everything on this site :P
21.08.2011 10:38
by  Gameinsky

I bet karaboz still doesn't know what DDGC means or that DDGC was crazyhobo. Unless he kept it
21.08.2011 10:38
by  Gameinsky

... that means: A CONSPIRICY
21.08.2011 13:52
by  sepehrnoor

Karaboz is DDGC and CrazyHobo
04.11.2011 12:56
by  sepehrnoor

It serves 7 billion ASCIImators now. Wow.
04.11.2011 17:44
by  Gameinsky

and once Bionicbeetle thought about changing his name to Bfive... good choice, they act EXACTLY like
eachother, the only thing is that one is a friend and the second one is a crazy duck person.
04.11.2011 18:35
by  sepehrnoor

Uhh, let me guess. The "one" is BionicBeetle and the "second one" is Cfive ?
04.11.2011 20:25
by  Gameinsky

well, there's only 1 crazy duck person...
He has only one tho, but... give him time...
05.11.2011 21:29
by  Flup

Cubix: Thanks for the ASCIIventures invitation, but I'm not really around here anymore so
don't worry about including me.

Sepehrnoor: 7 billion?! At this rate my figures will be off by a billion by the end of next year!

Have a duck.   /\
           /\\/  `
. >(o)__   ` || 
~~~( ~ /~~~~~//~
.   ` `
19.05.2014 12:04
by  gecko.jsc

Woah this has sound now? o_O
19.05.2014 15:08
by  Gameinsky

heh, the secret has been discovered!
19.05.2014 16:48
by  Ratfink

Now to figure out how to add my own sounds...
19.05.2014 16:49
by  sepehrnoor

In favorites of: everyone
19.05.2014 17:37
by  Gameinsky

No sounds yet available in the editor :P
19.05.2014 18:27
by  Ratfink

I've already made a standalone player; how hard could it be to make an editor?
19.05.2014 19:04
by  CTDSThree




Maybe it has to do with JSON data?
19.05.2014 19:57
by  gecko.jsc

Yep, I checked earlier and there is indeed an "audio" field that can be attached to frames
in the animation data, like so:

"audio": {
    "ogg": "/recipe.ogg"

Need to verify if that can be imported directly or if it's only possible through some official
GUI that has not been implemented yet.
19.05.2014 21:21
by  asiekierka

You can. But please do not use the function yet. While the playback side is stable, I want to add
code to ensure all audio files are available in both MP3 and OGG, as well as hosted here. Also, a
proper GUI.
20.05.2014 00:14
by  Flup

Audio for asciimations?! Wow. Seven years ago, I could never have imagined that Asciimator.net might
go this far. Well done, Asiekierka.
20.05.2014 14:27
by  CTDSThree

Anddd..... Flup's back on.
   Now if only it could be upgraded to support multiple colors...

A new display on bottom could be like:
[set color] [all text]<--Just like before, sets all text to
  ^                         that color.
This would set your typing color as specified, and you can type with that color, leaving the already
displayed text the same.

Backgrounds wouldn't have this, it would be confusing.

   If you own this site now, and you edited the whole site drastically, can you implement this in
the ASCIImator editor? I've been thinking about what it would be like, and it could open up
possibilities for multicolored ASCIImations without having to space each color between frames. You
could put all the colors on one frame!
   This would be good for collabs like The Abstract Challenge.
20.05.2014 17:12
by  Zeus guy

Asie already said that wouldn't be implemented
20.05.2014 17:38
by  Gameinsky

yeah, part of the charm of ASCIImator is the 2 colour restriction :)
20.05.2014 19:09
by  CTDSThree

but now he owns the site.
20.05.2014 19:22
by  asiekierka

And my point stands.
20.05.2014 22:30
by  Flup

Incredibly time-intensive to create though they may be, it'd be interesting to see some
multicoloured asciimations. However, in many art forms, the restrictions make the art; I suspect
that would be the case here as well.
22.05.2014 08:20
by  AweAndWonder

Really, it will *never* be considered? I actually agree with CTDS2.  Before colors in ASCIImations,
people were restricted with black on white.  I understand that multicolored frames can become an
inconsistent mess when people don't know what to do with them.  Similarly, it is easier to draw
a portrait with graphite than to use colored pencils.  But, if we could select with a checkbox
whether or not an entire ASCIImation is two colors per frame only (to prevent inconsistencies in
open source ASCIImations or to prevent accidentally inserting more than one color in a frame), I
would love to use multiple colors in a series or in one shot ASCIImations.  (Or we could even make a
separate section of the website for such ASCIImations...)  It would open up animations to new
possibilities.  That is to say, I'm not sure I would want the Abstract Challenge to be
multicolored in that way, unless we were to start a whole new challenge, but I can think of many,
many other applications for it.  I understand there is a charm to two color frames, but I don't
like the idea of restricting creativity for the sake of uniformity.  Especially since this is THE
place for ASCIImations.  I know of no other social space for ASCIImating on the internet.  I mean,
if you don't want to, anyone could always make multicolored ASCIImations offline, but offline
work tends to just gather dust.  :/  I'm just saying that I don't think the idea should be
tossed out indefinitely.

Or is the reason you don't want to implement multiple colors per frame mostly a technical one? 
In which case, I totally understand you not wanting to spend lots of time and energy on something
you're not enthusiastic about.
22.05.2014 09:02
by  AweAndWonder

Sorry for all the rambling guys, especially to Flup (and her inbox).  (I'm kind of a wordy
person if you can't tell.) I actually really wanted to suggest this later.  But I don't
remember it ever being talked about when I was on here, so I don't remember the exact reason
why it was turned down.

The TLDR is: I disagree with just not wanting multiple colors a frame, but I do understand if
it's just not possible with the current editor and/or is too difficult to implement.

But really, for now, I'm cool with all the new updates so far.  After an entire year of being
down, the site is not only back up, but we're also getting upgrades! :)  That's why I
didn't really want to suggest anything else until we've had some time to enjoy the latest
stuff Asie added.
22.05.2014 13:25
by  asiekierka

It may be considered at a later time. There are two main issues with implementing the multicolor
system, and they are not really technical.

The first one is adapting the user interface to allow it. ASCIImator Pro's codebase does not
really allow to add things such as square selection boxes easily yet, and better editing is one
thing I would like to focus on.

Second, it's the charm. Multicolored ASCIImations might ruin a lot of the charm of the site, I
tried multicolor ASCIImating and the novelty factor wears off very quickly.
22.05.2014 13:57
by  CTDS3

i see what you mean! :)
23.05.2014 06:01
by  AweAndWonder

Okay thanks

I understand it not being on the to-do list, since a lotta things are probably higher priority. 
Selection boxes would be awesome!  Maybe even "rotate" and "flip" buttons? :3 
But I don't wanna start suggesting too much... :P

I kinda do disagree with the second point.  I think it's more than just novelty, but I'll
try it offline before I come to a conclusion ;)
23.05.2014 15:18
by  CTDS3

I don't see the point of rotate and flip buttons...
I also think it would ruin ASCIImator's charm.
Also, would we really need selection boxes? You can just highlight text and drag it to another spot.
23.05.2014 16:17
by  Gameinsky

Rotate and flip wouldn't change the result, it will just make the process faster.
Multi-coloured ASCIIs have a completely different result.
I wouldn't mind a flip option tho.
23.05.2014 18:03
by  CTDSThree

What would the flip and rotate option do?

I don't even see a point in what the heck something like that would be useful for...
24.05.2014 03:03
by  AweAndWonder

...Seriously?  Flip and rotate would be useful for the Abstract Challenge or if you want any kind of
symmetrical movement.  Like what I'm doing in my next addition to the challenge.  I had to use
JavE to flip and rotate.  I mean, I don't mind using JavE, but it can make things sorta more

And selection boxes would be useful if you want to modify only one area that is in the middle of
multiple lines.

Just because *you* can't find a use for it, doesn't mean others won't.

And I really don't think multiple colors would ruin the charm.  The site itself has multiple
colors if you think about it.  And there will always be noobish animations whether people have the
color option or not.

I kinda wish we could have discussions like these in the forums instead of filling up Flup's
comment section.  lol  But I know it's kinda hard when we have to deal with spambots.
24.05.2014 11:44
by  CTDSThree


Meh meh meh meh meh. I don't think this stupid red guy is a good person, he's just a
spambot. He can't find a use for this stupid unadded feature that turns slashes on the left
into backslashes on the right. Blah blah blah. Call me all you want, I'm a person too.

Actually, I think rotate and flip buttons could come in handy for making speech for upside-down
people. And I do feel like selection boxes would be better than highlighting some lines and all the
characters in them, and messing up the whole frame.

So, yeah, a retort for the insult, and a compliment for telling me that you agreed with that use and
persuading me to do so too. Just like a normal human being. :)

P.S. No. I'm not noobish. Actually, I'm quite smart.
24.05.2014 14:18
by  AweAndWonder

I... didn't call you a spambot.  I was saying we're having a conversation on Flup's
animation (and thus we're all probably unintentionally spamming her inbox with reply emails),
and the forums would be a more appropriate place for it, if they were not filled with spam from
actual spambots right now.

When I suggested flipping/rotating, I was talking about the locations of the characters, not the
characters themselves. Though character flips would be an interesting addition too, for those we can
find opposites of.

And when I said noobish animations, I wasn't talking about you.  Actually I was referring to
some of the Guest animations we get.
24.05.2014 14:48
by  CTDSThree

Oh, like FUN GUN MAN?
I showed my friend this site and he made a few things.
25.05.2014 10:01
by  AweAndWonder

I didn't mean anyone in particular!  I was just saying I don't think we'd get a
dramatic increase in noobish animations if we had multiple colors per frame.
25.05.2014 15:02
by  CTDSThree

No, I mean his animation FUN GUN MAN.

HOW will it prevent an increase in guest animations?
25.05.2014 16:04
by  AweAndWonder

I wasn't trying to single out any person or any animation!  In fact, I don't remember
seeing any noobish animations in a while.

And I didn't say that at all!  I just said that I don't think we'd see a consistent
drop in quality animations if were were to have the option to put multiple colors in a frame.  (And
if there was a toggle that had that off by default.)  Sure, I think it would take a while to get
used to, like any new feature, but afterwards, experienced members would either avoid the feature or
learn to use it well.  At least, that's what I think.

And not all guest animations are noobish.  Some are well made.  They just can be sometimes when
someone is new to making animations.  I know mine weren't as good when I started out.
25.05.2014 19:39
by  CTDSThree

I never said guest animations were noobish...
If that feature was there, I would totally use it.
29.05.2014 21:48
by  CTDSThree

How's the sound coming along, asie?
29.05.2014 23:02
by  Flup

Flipping/rotation sounds like it might be quite useful.
30.05.2014 09:48
by  Gameinsky

Sound is going to be one of the later features.
Asie wants to focus on fixing up the technical parts of the site first.
Source: Conversations between me and him.
17.06.2014 00:49
by  CTDSThree






17.06.2014 00:51
by  CTDSThree

...999999999 degrees???...

17.06.2014 01:23
by  Flup

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
17.06.2014 11:09
by  CTDSThree

er, that's actually a thing from "moonbase alpha provides a realistic simulation of life
on a natural satellite"
17.06.2014 22:15
by  Flup

Alright, no worries.
03.12.2015 22:45
by  CTDSThree

03.12.2015 22:47
by  CTDSThree

Weird that this is the only ASCIImation on ASCIImator that has sound.
06.03.2016 12:57
by  asiekierka

Except for the dancingMEGAmix! That's... technically not an ASCIImation in the same sense,
30.06.2016 22:29
by  CTDSThree

How do i make an asciimation that has sound? I know I asked that already, but I think that I only
got vague answers about really hard coding or something like that. I want to know how to do sound
asciis! So it can be like ASCIImator Hatena!
30.06.2016 22:35
by  CTDSThree

When will the sound function be stable?
30.06.2016 22:40
by  Gameinsky


Might as well wait for Half Life 3 at this point.
15.10.2016 21:02
by  CTDSThree

I replicated the code that Gecko posted to put a sound in, placed it in the JSON data for an ascii I
was doing, and replaced "/recipe.ogg" with an .mp3 that I had downloaded and converted to
.ogg. When I imported the data, it didn't lose any work, but when I tested the ascii for
sounds, it was silent. The current JSON data had no trace of the sound code I had put in.

Does the import button not work or something? Am I doing something wrong with the code?

Here's the code I imported:
    "speed": 100,
    "loop": false,
    "width": 20,
    "height": 10,
    "style": {
        "family": "courier new",
        "size": 12,
        "weight": "normal",
        "lineHeight": "120%"
    "metadata": {
        "frames": 2,
        "duration": 2
    "content": [
            "repeat": 1,
            "fontColor": "#000000",
            "backgroundColor": "#ffffff"
            "audio": {
                "ogg": "/Potato_Knishes_OFFICIAL.ogg"
            "text": "\n\n\n\n

In the export box,
            "audio": {
                "ogg": "/Potato_Knishes_OFFICIAL.ogg"
was missing.

Please let me know what I can do to solve this issue.
16.10.2016 15:45
by  asiekierka

I *might* have removed the ability to do so for regular users for copyright concern reasons, but I
don't remember now.
27.10.2016 05:16
by  Flup

I just came back and realized this asciimation has sound now.  It's an excellent feature,
really livens up the animation! Are there any issues getting in the way of implementation for
29.10.2016 10:32
by  asiekierka


1) The ASCIImator editor codebases aren't that great. Adding things to them would be tough.
I'm looking into a complete rewrite of ASCIImator though, so stay tuned!
2) Copyright concerns, of course. I would have to handle potential takedown requests.
3) Filesize/upload system stuff - I'd need to handle uploading sounds, recompressing them to
multiple formats for browser coverage, as well as probably some kind of public sound library.

29.10.2016 16:56
by  Gameinsky

I like how you didn't realise until now, despite there being 100 comments about it that you
participated in xD

Btw, if you're interested I made a room for ASCIImator on a discord server. But there's
not many people there, just a couple of the last few active people. 

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