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29.09.2007 20:57
by  Bluesboyjr


Get some sympathy, Divinity boy.
29.09.2007 21:50
by  Dragonphase

Theoretically i didnt say he was wasting space or he was a waste of space... i just think that
1-framed asciis (unless its a cencus or something) are a waste of space... whats wrong with you
blue??? i will stand by asie if he needs me!
and i would never say that people are a waste of space... it was just a bit of advice... but asie...
if you quit we will miss you dearly... half the contest battles and stuff had you in it... with you
being gone and all it would be like a lost memory to me... to all of us... you're really taking
geckos' lack of misjudgement seriously??? (i'd like to kill him too)

Bluesboyjr, i only meant it would be easier to put this in a forum-post or a comment somewhere... i
didnt mean to offend anyone
29.09.2007 22:59
by  cfive

I can't believe Asie's leaving! He was one of my FAVORITE
ASCIIMATORS! Whenever he mentioned he wasn't golden,
I had to look at his username and check. Well, your choice,
but we'll miss you! (;;)
30.09.2007 04:35
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

oh well.
(Still going to initate you golden or not)
30.09.2007 04:55
by  asiekierka

You know his stolen chips (UNTESTED, HE STOLE THEM FROM ME) could kill many people!?!? I stopped him
at the right time during the quit period. Only brutto was half-killed. That's why he's
absent. Sorry. I'm just waiting for Gecko to respond.
30.09.2007 05:14
by  asiekierka

Well, the storyline:

Gecko taking my untested chips and giving them to everybody.
Everybody getting ill.
Asiekierka sentenced to death.
Everybody dying.
Gecko and Brutto (missing during the whole chip thing) living in ASCIImator alone.

Who wants to make this an asciimation?

And i'm not really quitting, just... :(
Gecko made a stupid thing and i hate him for that.
I nearly destroyed the MorphAtion server (the one
responsible for MorphAtion). Without it, you
wouldn't be able to MorphAtion.
But i didn't. I couldn't stop Gecko so... I'm sentenced to death, everybody is
dying... etc etc
30.09.2007 05:46
by  rtnario

Right, but maybe you should've put a more clear warning not to tamper with the storyline
you're creating. I'm sure everyone's used to doing this because of numerous projects
like ASCIImators Battle and ASCIIstory, so with that in mind you have to make it completely brief to
them not to mess up what you're doing, because it's all planned. I'm not going
against you (and I never will if you stay the way you are), but Gecko was just thinking way out of
the box to make that kind of ASCIImation. Just forgive him, and make a warning next time. ^^
30.09.2007 06:49
by  asiekierka

Ok. Okay.
Next time if you do it, gecko, i'm srsly detonating all MorphAtion creatures and ASCIImators.
30.09.2007 14:18
by  gecko.jsc

Ok, I'm sorry, I'll give the chips back and I'll never use them again. I'll
develop my own way to morph and I'll never steal from you again...
30.09.2007 17:07
by  asiekierka

Don't worry, i just finished them.

*only in ASCorp shops.

Now you can do Full Morph with anybody having the chip implanted. There is only one major drawback.
The chip must have your DNA to be able to do Full Morph with you.

If Gecko.jsc wants to full morph with ddgc, then
ddgc must have Gecko's DNA, while Gecko must have ddgc's.

Also, one chip is ~$400. I updated Pizoo's chip with my DNA and your DNA, gecko. While i
updated MY chip with Pizoo's DNA.
30.09.2007 17:07
by  asiekierka

Don't steal them, just wait. One more time somebody does it and i'm destroying MorphAtion.
Killing anybody with the chip implanted.
30.09.2007 17:10
by  asiekierka

Remember Full Morph is only used for synchronizing minds of people using MorphAtion. So, like, if
ddgc and Gecko used full morph:
- ddgc can read Gecko's thoughts, and Gecko can read ddgc's.
They can communicate with them.
- They BOTH control the body.
- It dosen't work with asciimal-asciimal. Only asciimal-person or person-person.
- I'm working on MorphAtion v2. The untested chips are there.

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