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Everyone loves my lizard, but sometimes it is a bit too big to join in with all the fun. Now we have a baby one! It's much smaller and cuter, and it can morph with me to give me the power to snatch things with my tongue!
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29.09.2007 14:21
by  asiekierka

Uh... either you make your own technology and credit me, or sign the lizard on my list. AND GIVE ME
YOUR AIM/ICQ/MSN/Y!M/GTalk please! (Only what you have of them).
29.09.2007 14:46
by  gecko.jsc

Hey! I already put this on the morph census! Where it says 'lizards' it means both of the

And i'm not giving you any of my messenger links!
29.09.2007 14:53
by  asiekierka


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                         ( o o )
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