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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
This is an experiment of mine that tries to make you seem as if you had a third-person view in ASCII, like Tony Hawk's Pro Skater =o

A guy does spine transfers and kickflips while he's at it.
tag list: 3d dick^infinite funny shit halfpipe skate
In favorites of: andersamer asiekierka Bionicbeetle cfive Computergeek93 CTDSThree ddgc (AFK Forever) Disabler Draconis Dragonphase gecko.jsc mcinnis origamiguy Ratfink sepehrnoor supernova457 Zeus guy
21.09.2007 15:53
by  Bluesboyjr

Great ascii.

When does he fall off and break his leg?
22.09.2007 01:03
by  cfive

22.09.2007 01:35
by  Draconis

My award to you is

=)  :)
=)  :)
=)  :)
=)  :)
22.09.2007 06:36
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

23.09.2007 02:34
by  fire_hurts

Just what I'd expect from my colleague. Great Job! :)
23.09.2007 17:43
by  Dragonphase

a load of favs, nice going rtnario... 5 (you earned it, shall i bring us level?)...
25.09.2007 14:35
by  rtnario

-Go ahead and try checking my list of ASCIImations. Tell me if I made any that showed a manikin
getting physically harmed. ^^
-Thanks! =D
-I don't really get the odd setup of smilies, but thanks anyway! =)
-Thank you for your opinion on that I guess ^^;
-Colleague! XD Thanks a lot! Take note that I'd also expect something along the lines of your
long list of purely awesome awesomes. Can't wait for it! =)
@Divinity Boy
-Thanks! btw, I get the "you earned it" but the "shall i bring us level"
doesn't make sense to me >.o
26.09.2007 01:47
by  Draconis

it's the award for an AWESOME ASCIIMATION
05.10.2007 02:47
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

You live in the Philippines!
05.10.2007 09:07
by  rtnario

...how would you know? It's as if my e-mail isn't
rtnario@yahoo.com.PH or something...erm...yeah ^^
No, seriously, how'd you know? O.O
-looks around the house for cameras x_x-
05.10.2007 18:31
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

yeah. .ph
10.10.2007 17:02
by  Dragonphase

shall i bring us level? our rating... fellow MOD
03.11.2007 17:43
by  cfive

What ever became of this, or rtnario?
07.12.2007 14:23
by  Computergeek93

holy crap! Nice ascii!
11.01.2008 05:04
by  supernova457

I wish I were even HALF as good as you, lol.

Awesome 3d-ish ness! =D
27.06.2008 15:36
by  SMSWaffles96

this is awesome!!!
08.08.2009 15:13
by  supernova457

Rtnario is the BEST asciimator on here, as far as I care. ;D
10.08.2009 15:16
by  Dragonphase

22.01.2011 12:10
by  Dragonphase

Nah joking, rtnario IS an awesome asciimator. but, I think like many of us, including me very soon,
have grown away from asciimator....
30.06.2011 09:49
by  sepehrnoor

Interesting fact: rtnario is the boss of a music group called LEAFXCEED on Newgrounds. I thought it
was ANOTHER rtnario until I saw rtnario on ASCIImator facebook and went to his profile. Guess what ?
"CEO of LeafXCEED"
30.06.2011 13:02
by  rtnario

"grown away from asciimator...." + "music group called LEAFXCEED" makes more
sense now, doesn't it? And I highly doubt any random person would go around calling himself
rtnario if it wasn't composed of his real name :D
30.06.2011 14:11
by  sepehrnoor

30.06.2011 16:46
by  sepehrnoor

Nobody noticed that rtnario was here, eh ?
30.06.2011 18:07
by  Gameinsky

Nobody did, nope.

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