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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
What the... ddgc merged with asie (only one with ability to create a robot) to kill everybody? And now asie is dead? As is everybody else? Only a new character (that wasn't there) can save us!
1. Save as open source.
2. Don't leave any text.
3. You can leave objects.
4. Peace. Five words. Full. Peace. For. All. Asciimators.
5. Every 1000 or so frames, we make a "project toll".
Here are previous editions:
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19.09.2007 05:17
by  asiekierka

Tip: There is an AsciiZoo clone of me. Exact same, only different size and chars. But it can
transform into a robot like me.

And i'm really ill :(
19.09.2007 21:55
by  cfive

So, how did ddgc escape?
20.09.2007 10:21
by  asiekierka

Secret. And leave it a secret please. Until like, 50, when everybody forgets.
20.09.2007 23:10
by  Anachronism

Ascii Zoo robot...do you mean the one I made (which is pretty much me)?
21.09.2007 18:35
by  asiekierka

There is an AsciiZoo clone of me that dosen't look like me.
21.09.2007 22:29
by  Anachronism

Are you talking about mine? The one that bounces a ball to itself?

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