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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
What may be the final installment of ASCIImated. Unless I decide to go on witht this weird and totally nonsensical series.
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15.09.2007 14:22
by  Dragonphase

To be honest, even though this ascii is good, and you know you arent the ruler of asciimator,
Karaboz and Brutto are the rulers of ASCIImator, because they own it... (i'm not sure if
ratings count as who is the ruler/best asciimator... if it DID then the ruler would be me... now you
might think of me as a big-head, but i don't really mean to be "big-headed"
15.09.2007 17:26
by  Anachronism

Haha. Yeah, I know what you mean. By ruler of ASCII,I mean ruler of this fictional world that
I've created, since I'm the one that creted it. I know that the rulers of ASCIImator.net
are obviously Karaboz and Brutto, which I do not even fancy disputing.
12.10.2007 01:33
by  Flup

Nice stickfigure!

   / \

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