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A mini little guy thing that likes to stomp it's feet and spin around!
tag list: 3d asciizoo mini
In favorites of: cfive
31.08.2007 12:14
by  Dragonphase

cool i tagged it as contest asciizoo
31.08.2007 12:15
by  gecko.jsc

wow, I just realized, this thing has 99 frames!
31.08.2007 12:15
by  gecko.jsc

31.08.2007 12:16
by  Dragonphase

31.08.2007 12:16
by  Dragonphase

so does .jsc stand for jeremy clarke with a middle name which i don't know of?
31.08.2007 12:31
by  gecko.jsc

31.08.2007 12:32
by  gecko.jsc

But I'm not telling my middle name to be on the safe side.
31.08.2007 12:54
by  Dragonphase

hmm... i never tell my name at all... i hate my name
31.08.2007 17:31
by  karaboz

it's good but i think you should make it's movement a little more realistic (= for example
it does nothing to make sliding (=
31.08.2007 20:41
by  Ponky

hmm.. why do you hate your name divinity boy.. mine is Rory Simmonds.. how weird is that..? NOBODY
HAS THAT NAME.. except for me.. and btw i think it it very cool cuz i love stuff that stomps it
feet.. i dont now why.. :S
04.09.2007 07:56
by  Bluesboyjr

So, what is Divinity boy's embarassing name?
I.P. Freely?
Rob Arnold Laydee?
Amanda Huggenkiss?
04.09.2007 08:06
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

Rick something.
05.09.2007 13:49
by  gecko.jsc

I just changed it make him push forward before he slides to make it more realistic like karaboz
asked me to. please can you add it to the asciizoo now? And PLEASE GET RID OF THE RUDE TAG!
07.09.2007 12:49
by  gecko.jsc

Please! I really want someone to get rid of the rude tag!
07.09.2007 14:34
by  rtnario

-in favor of getting rid of the tag-
07.09.2007 16:18
by  gecko.jsc

08.09.2007 23:13
by  karaboz

i deleted a bad tag and added your asciimal onto the asciizoo page (=
08.09.2007 23:23
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

With the recent spike, I think there's an evil asciimator among us, or some guest hacked
09.09.2007 10:50
by  gecko.jsc

09.09.2007 11:16
by  Dragonphase

Karaboz i appreciate you removing the tag and making me gold...

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